College laundry rooms, aren't they a grand ole time. Sometimes this weekly trip down the hall is way more than I bargained for. Let's just say you're bound to meet some pretty interesting personalities while you're in there.

The Awkward Conversationalist

Gotta love those insanely awkward encounters when you're both just uncomfortably staring at each other. This usually turns into the basic "Nice weather we're having." AWKWARD.

The Person That Tells You Their Life Story

Five minutes turns into 10 minutes which turns into two hours. As much as I want to hear about the exam you just failed, your cat that ran away, and your chicken recipe, I have a life.

The Person Who Doesn't Acknowledge Your Presence

It's cool!

Extreme Laundry Rage

You'll learn to always keep a timer on because there's always that one guy who will literally throw out your laundry if you keep it in over the time.

The Extreme Washer

Huge shoutout to the people who take up all the machines for their massive laundry loads!

The Newbie

Another day, another confused soul who's doing laundry for the first time. You never really know whether to help them or just watch them struggle.

The Pro

I'm sorry, but when did laundry become a competitive sport?

The Fashionista

You really just wish you could somehow teleport this person's clothes into your washing machine

That One Guy That Never Leaves

He's there when you arrive. He's there when you leave. You start to wonder if sitting on the floor of the laundry room is as fun as those make it out to be.

The Familiar Face

That person you always see, but still just don't know their name