10 Tips For When You Feel Alone
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10 Tips For When You Feel Alone

I promise, you aren't alone.

10 Tips For When You Feel Alone
Katie Reese

As the weather is beginning to change, our hearts are beginning to change too. It's really easy to become sad and vulnerable at this time of the year. It is okay to feel upset and it's okay to become vulnerable at times, we're human.

But please, don't feel lonely.

Before I begin; no, I did not have a friend pass away recently, but I did recently lose a really close friend. It was really hard when I stopped having my best friend around because I no longer had that one person who would be there for me at the end of the day, and I no longer had a person that cared enough to ask me how my day went almost everyday. I lost that sense of security at parties because I didn't have anyone who was looking out for me, or who would make sure I didn't leave by myself. You don't realize how comforting a best friend is until you don't really have one anymore.

I do have friends, I'm not saying that I'm a complete loner. It's just that the majority of my friends either have a closer circle of friends, a boyfriend, or just a closer friend. While that's totally okay, it is really hard when you're number two to the person you consider to be your number one.

If you feel like you can relate at all to what I just said, I have good news! You are not actually alone. AND there are ways to fill the "best friend" void in your heart that you might be missing!

1. Don't bounce back between Twitter, Facebook, snap-chat, Instagram, and whatever other social media you engage in.

All this does is set you up for failure. I promise you will see a ton of people having a ton of fun. You'll be sad you aren't there, sad you don't have whatever it is that they have, and sad that the closest human contact you have at the moment are the people in your television screen. Just remember, the people you are throwing a pity party for yourself over, have been in your shoes before. They've sat at home alone on nights that you didn't.

2. Find a DIY project on Pinterest.

I know not everyone is into crafts, but there are plenty of DIY things on Pinterest that every type of person would enjoy. You just need to find your knack and run with it!

3. Take a selfie and post it.

I don't care how ugly you might feel, I am sure there are a bunch of people that think you are gorgeous. I used to not be one to take selfies, but I was told that even if you just post one, it can really boost your self esteem. So, take a selfie and post it. It'll help boost your confidence which will make you feel a lot more loved and a lot less alone.

4. Make plans with someone for another day.

Although people might be busy today, plan something for another day so you can have something fun to look forward to!

5. Get some fresh air.

Even if it's cold outside, just getting a little bit of fresh air for a few minutes can really take the edge off. Take your dog for a walk, go on a walk with your headphones in, or just sit on the porch for a while.

6. Read a book.

Whenever I read a book, I literally feel like I am apart of it. Reading a book can seriously take your mind off of the loneliness you are feeling, because, as crazy as it sounds, it makes you feel like the characters in the book are with you. Books also require concentration so you can't really think about anything but the words you are reading.

7. Go on a run.

I am not always the biggest fan of running, but even just a short run around the block to get my heart rate up can be really beneficial in taking my mind off of the fact that I'm alone.

8. Try to associate yourself with other people.

This is really hard for me sometimes. I feel like when groups of people are hanging out, its really uncomfortable to show up alone, because most people show up with their significant other or their best friend. If you don't go because you are scared of feeling lonely, go anyway. It is impossible to get yourself out of this lonely rut in your life if you cut off all socialization.

9. Pray about it.

I know even when you have a strong faith in God, it's easy to feel lonely. You aren't feeling lonely because you don't have God, you're feeling lonely because you don't have a go-to person to attend social events with, or a go-to person to just relax and watch a movie with, and although you can talk about your struggles with God, sometimes it's nice just to say it to another person, too. So pray about it. Tell God what's on your heart. Maybe you'll realize he is putting you through this lonely stage of life so you can become more independent and find yourself before you have your forever person.

10. Even if you are feeling lonely, know that you are not alone.

So many people around you are feeling the same way as you right now. Being lonely is a passing phase, I promise. You will find someone that loves you before anyone else, or a best friend that goes to you first, but it takes patience. It also takes understanding. You need to understand that being alone is okay, and is actually really good! This is a perfect time in your life to really explore and discover yourself.

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