10 Times You Were Rebecca Bunch
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10 Times You Were Rebecca Bunch

The situation is a lot more nuanced than that!

10 Times You Were Rebecca Bunch
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is consistently one of the most relatable and outlandish shows on television. In a generation of influential and strong female characters that make us feel confident, Rachel Bloom has gifted us with Rebecca Bunch. Bunch is a character that we can relate to even in our most shameful moments. Her nonexistent filter is all to realistic, and so what if the show revolves around love interests? As I make my way through the second season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I find moments where I feel one with the lovely Rebecca Bunch.

1. When she was sick of the media's discussion of women.

Rebecca was reminded why she avoids reading articles like this that make Hollywood into a beauty competition. I can feel her pain as I come across crude remarks on Fashion Police or during red carpet coverage.

2. When she felt a little less than confident and just wanted to be honest about it (in French).

Just because you feel like garbage doesn't mean you can't be artsy and glamorous. Rebecca turns her pity party into an artistic foreign film, and looks amazing exclaiming how she is "trash." She explains how her anxiety has anxiety and she can't stop thinking about things that she should stop thinking about - been there done that.

3. When she screwed up but still felt that she was a good person.

We've all had that moment of guilt after being not such a nice person - a moment that makes us feel like we need to validate that we are actually a nice person. Rebecca thinks is a great person, so much so that she compares herself to Mother Teresa. Yet, nobody else seems to jump at the chance to support her claims (until she threatens them into agreeing with her).

4. When she tried to get ready for a night out.

Before the glamor, there's the getting ready stage. Rebecca attempts to squeeze everything in as she jumps into a body tight. Since I often just want to stay in bed instead of throwing on elaborate undergarments, I completely feel Rebecca's laziness and pain.

5. When she accidentally sent this text to the wrong person.

We've all sent extremely detailed texts to our friends before about certain people that should not receive the same information. The worst case scenario happened here, as Rebecca reveals to Josh that she literally stalked him when she moved to California from New York. I can feel my heart dropping into my stomach when I think of sending a text like this to the wrong person - *pukes.*

6. When she didn't feel like trying too hard, even if it was just for herself.

Girls always say that they like to look nice for themselves, but Rebecca speaks the truth when she expresses how something that makes you feel uncomfortable isn't really "for yourself." When I think of gluing eyelashes to my natural eyelashes and ripping off the glue later, I don't feel comfortable in the slightest.

7. When she decided to suppress her feelings.

I've probably suppressed my feelings too many times for me to keep track, and Rebecca decides to "respectfully decline" feelings. Whether it's about a crush, a disappointment, anxiousnesses or anything else - sometimes it is much easier to try to turn all those little things called feelings off.

8. When she spent the night in a group hang with her crush.

There's third-wheeling, and then there's being completely ignored by someone because they are surrounded by their own group of friends. It's practically the definition of being cutoff and all of your chances to make a move are instantly derailed. Rebecca struggled with a group hang, and I feel her on a spiritual level.

9. When she wasn't afraid to admit that she ruined everything.

Sometimes, we screw up and we just want to tell ourselves that it was all our fault. Rebecca is really pissed off at herself in this number, and she doesn't hold back at all. This is for every instance where you've said, "why did I do this?"

10. When she was feeling herself.

Rebecca shows us how to turn heads as she struts into a club looking 10/10. As much as she struggles in her day-to-day life, she doesn't doubt when she looks incredible and isn't afraid to love herself.

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