Reasons to Watch Crazy-Ex Girlfriend
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Top 5 Reasons To Binge On Crazy-Ex Girlfriend

An irresistible musical comedy.

Top 5 Reasons To Binge On Crazy-Ex Girlfriend

Fall TV is coming in full swing and there are so many of our favorite shows returning. From Modern Family to This is Us, if you're not caught up on all your favorite network shows, it's time to get ready for a binge-watching marathon. Perhaps most exciting of all is the return of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend this October for its fourth and final season. The show follows a highly successful Ivy league educated lawyer who, in her search for happiness, moves across the country to live near the summer camp boyfriend who broke her heart many years before. As you can imagine, this results in many cringey yet relatable situations that will have you questioning your own "sanity". If you're not already immersed in Rachel Bloom's hilarious and heartbreaking musical comedy, here are just a few reasons why you should be.

It's a musical, duh

Okay, I'm not going to lie- if you don't like musicals, this may not be the show for you. However, if you're a Broadway buff or secretly a show tune shower singer, you will not get over how incredible the songs are in Every. Single. Episode. Relatable, hilarious, and catchy, you can literally listen to the soundtrack every day (I certainly do!).

Bi Representation

Darryl is by far a favorite secondary character whose social blunders and endearing honesty make him an essential part of the show. Mild spoiler alert: In the first season, Darryl, a recent divorcee and Rebecca's lovable boss, realizes he's bisexual and comes out to his employees in the most awkward but beautiful meeting in the form of a Huey Lewis inspired bop. The show does a great job of making bisexuality both visible and positive. And, the song is a great anthem for bi pride!

Mental Health Awareness

Rebecca (our protagonist, played by the show's incredibly talented creator) has long dealt with anxiety and depression (among other symptoms of mental illness). But through all of the struggles that she has, Rebecca still forges meaningful relationships with the people around her and finds love in unexpected places. Her character represents not just the struggles but the daily triumphs of people living with mental illness.

Takes Back the Term "Crazy-Ex"

While on the surface the show's premise may seem to reinforce the crazy-ex stereotype (Rebecca moves from New York to California after running into her summer camp fling for like 2 seconds), it ultimately explores the circumstances and societal institutions that make Rebecca feel incomplete without a man in her life. An incredibly smart lawyer and loyal friend, Rebecca has a lot going for her yet she only sees her shortcomings. Her specific struggle is indicative of a larger cultural problem and it's nice to see that recognized in this format.

Season 3 Cliffhanger

The season 3 finale was a doozy. While I won't spoil it for any newcomers to the show, I can say that the writers have set up this next season in a way that promises to radically change its premise and I am so excited. Having already pulled off three groundbreaking seasons, expectations are high for the upcoming series finale. Considering the incredible team, I have a good feeling they will deliver all the tunes, laughs, and tears that fans are waiting for. Make sure to get caught up before the season premiere on Oct. 12th!

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