10 Times Kids Were Smarter Than Adults

Kids are usually associated with being adorable little blessings. They are both of those things, and they are also incredibly smart. They actually, sometimes, turn out to be much smarter than the adults around them. Here are a few hilarious, heart - warming, and fun examples of times when kids were either wise beyond their years, or just plain old adorable.

This little boy understood gender pronouns better than most adults

Adults get nervous asking "what pronouns do you use?" And sometimes they get so nervous that they end up not asking. It is polite to ask, and using someones correct personal pronoun is the right thing to do. This cute story from Reddit shows a little boy who was not hesitant, and automatically asked his babysitter upon introduction what his pronouns were.

"Hi I'm Alec, are you the babysitter? Mommy said that we can go to the park if you want to and feed the ducks. Do you like legos?"
"Yep, hi, my name is Andy." I said, kneeling down, "Let me talk to one of your parents first, ok?"
While I was saying this, Alec was looking me up and down.
"Yeah ok, hey, Andy, do you use boy words or girl words, or the other words but I can't really 'amember them?"
I looked curiously at his mom, Amelia, who was busy tiding up the table.
"Oh," she said, "he can't remember the word 'pronouns.'"
"Ah," it clicked, "I use boy words. What about you?"
"I use boy words, too. Do you like legos?"
"Of course I do!"

Moral of the story: We should all be courteous and correct like Andy.

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Adult's filter themselves to a fault - if you think a food is gross, or hate a gift, instead of politely smiling, it might be OK to tell your mom you probably will not wear the cat sweater she got for you to dinner. Be more like kids, they do not try to hide their true emotions.

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The point of all of these smile - inducing examples: we should all embrace our inner child, the world might be a better place if we did so more often.

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