Conquering the literary world wasn't enough for "Harry Potter" author, J.K. Rowling. She's quickly begun conquering the Twitter world with tons of ferocity and even more snark. And we can't get enough. Here are 10 times our homegurl J.K. absolutely slayed the Twitter game.

1. When She Totally Called Out A Trump Supporter

Rowling hasn't been shy about her feelings towards the 2016 United States presidential election. Does this mean that our dearest president is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

2. When She Shut Down The Westboro Baptist Church

When Ireland legalized gay marriage, J.K. joked that Dumbeldore could marry Gandalf in Ireland. The Westboro Baptist Church decided that they would picket such a celebration, and J.K. was having none of it. It's truly their loss!

3. When She Explained Why No One Saw Dumbledore Being Gay

A fan tweeted at Rowling asking why she decided to make the powerful wizard gay, and why no one saw it coming. Rowling quickly sent this retort explaining why Dumbledore's sexuality wasn't obvious.

4. When She Absolutely Schooled Rupert Murdoch

Seriously, schooled him.

5. When She Wasn't Afraid To Tweet Her Beliefs

But when was she ever afraid to Tweet them? J.K. donated over 1 million pounds to the Scottish government's "Better Together" campaign and got some serious backlash because she's from Britain. People tweeted at her calling her a "hypocrite" a "traitor" and she was quick to defend herself.

6. When She Made Everyone Jealous Of Her Fictional Diamond Studded iPhone

You're really telling me that you don't have an iPhone @Lukekocura? Everyone has an iPhone. Nevertheless, I'd like to know where I can get a similar studded phone?


7. When She Revealed The True Character of Dobby

Because honestly, he totally was. Who actually thinks it would be a good idea to drop Aunt Petunia's cake on the guests? And then there's that whole Quidditch situation...

8. When She Continued Our Favorite Story...In A Tweet

*Cries very real tears because I was not in Edinburgh to say hello to James as he started school*

9. When She Mocked Donald Trump (Again..)

They're just "alternative facts," people!

10. When She Seriously Humiliated Mr. America

Darling Mr. America has basically become internet famous, though, so I guess it's a win win? Plus, no one ever turned into a frog. Get with it.