10 Thoughts You Have On Sundays

Ah, Sunday morning. It's the prime time to start your day off right by waking up early, getting some nutritious food, and hitting the books-- yeah right. The only things Sunday mornings are good for are the three "p's": pancakes, procrastination, and pressing snooze. But, if you're anything like me, lazy Sundays aren't always intentional; often times you might wake up planning an extremely productive day, only to find that that's impossible. So, for all my fellow Sunday procrastinators, here's 10 thoughts you have on Sunday Mornings.

1.My alarm's going off already? I can totally snooze for ten more minutes...

2. Okay, so ten minutes turned into three hours, but it's okay because I still have the whole day ahead of me!

3. I'm still in bed, and that's okay.

4. 1:00 PM is acceptable breakfast time, right?

5. My paper's not due till 12 pm. That gives me seven more hours, so I can take a little Netflix break.

6. Crap, I forgot I have three meetings today.

7. Is it dinner time already?

8. I'm finally feeling productive! But I desperately need to go do my laundry...

9. There's no way I can finish all my work by a reasonable hour.

10. Yeah, I'm going to be up all night. It was worth it!

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