I think we can all give a big shoutout to Netflix for bringing us this amazing television show that is such a hit at the moment. We all rushed through the first eight episodes and were a little scared before we heard that there would be a season two coming in 2017. You may have felt a bit uneasy before hearing about the renewal because you were left with just a few questions. I was always asking so many questions at the end of an episode and especially at the end of the season. Here are a few questions that I'm sure everyone has had.

1. Why was Will taken into the upside-down?

We know that he got scared while riding his bike home and that he had to swerve into the forest, but did he get cut? We are left assuming that the"monster" on the other side appears when there is blood. So, was he hurt when he got taken from the shed? Also, what happened over there? He was coughing up snakes last time we saw him, so what happened?

2. What happened to Eleven?

After she got rid of the "monster" she just kind of disappeared. What happened? Is she gone for good? Hopefully not since she is one of my favorite characters.

3. What is that "monster"?

That monster or Demogorgon, whichever you want to call him, is scary either way. What is he? How was he created? And why can he travel back and forth between the upside-down so easily?

4. Does Barb's family even care about her?

She gets taken into the upside-down and we later find out she is dead over there, but does anyone care? Her mom didn't seem worried when Nancy was looking for her. Nancy is too busy with Steve and then later gets tied up with Jonathan, but if Barb is her "best friend" then maybe Nancy should be looking for her.

5. What does the Department of Energy actually do?

We find out from Mike and Lucas that they are a military type of department. But, we know that they were trying to make contact with the upside-down through Eleven. Why is that though? What are they trying to accomplish and what is their motive?

6. Doesn't Mr. Clarke get suspicious of all of the boy's questions?

They ask him about different dimensions at Will's "funeral" and he just entertains their questions. Then when they call at nighttime asking about sensory deprivation and he just tells them how to make one with a pool. Doesn't he get suspicious at all?

7. Why does Eleven refer to Brenner as Papa?

We meet, who we believe to be, Eleven's mom who had her while she was doing testing with different drugs under Brenner's supervision. But, the pregnancy was covered up and her mother was told she miscarried. That brings up the question of who is Eleven's father? Is her father actually Brenner and that's why she calls him Papa?

8. Where did Hopper go, and who did he go with, when he left the hospital and got into a car?

Did this have something to do with Brenner and the Department of Energy? Did it have to do with work? There are many ways this could go.

9. Why did the town just accept the fact that Will came back from the "dead"?

The town had a funeral for him and mourned his passing. Next thing we know he's back and no one questions what happened? Doesn't anyone find it a little weird?

10. Can season two come sooner?

Now that season one is complete, most likely because we binged watched it, we can't wait until season two. We know we have to wait until 2017, but I would like to know when in 2017 because the anticipation is killer.