10 Thoughts You Have Taking A Final As Told By Nick Miller

10 Thoughts You Have Taking A Final As Told By Nick Miller

We've all been there - let's make it amusing with everyone's favorite disaster, Nick Miller

It's finals season, y'all! The libraries are packed to the brim, you haven't slept in days, and everyone is irritable. There are thousands of calculations to determine what the lowest grade you can get on the final and still pass, and if you're like me, you're over personal boundaries and can be found hysterically crying in public. And then you get to the actual final - and that's a personal hell on its own. And the same thoughts will run through EVERYONE'S head while you take this exam.

1. When you arrive in the exam room and take your seat

2. When the physical exam gets handed out, and you look over the first page

3. When the exam begins, and they put the timer up on the board

4. When you see questions from sections you didn't study because you assumed they wouldn't be on the exam.

5. When you keep skipping questions to "come back to them."

6. That midpoint panic when you realize the exam is almost over, and you're nowhere close to being done

7. When your anxiety evolves and you realize you're going to drop out of school and all your dreams are dead

8. When there's a bonus question at the end of the exam

9. When you finally turn your exam in and are just glad to be finished

10. When you finally get home, feeling empty and soulless.

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