10 Questions All College Freshmen Would Like To Have Answered ASAP
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10 Questions All College Freshmen Would Like To Have Answered ASAP

"How many times will I embarrass myself within the first week?"

10 Questions All College Freshmen Would Like To Have Answered ASAP
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Fall is finally approaching and for many of us including myself that means it is time to go to college. During these past few weeks of summer, I have found myself unable to stop myself from thinking about what happens next. Everything seemed a lot easier when we were all in high school and getting ready for the same routine first day of school. Everything is about to change and all any of us can do is hope for the best. We can also just think about our latest journey nonstop until we lose sleep over it. I have certainly found myself in some sleepless nights wrapped up in the following thoughts.

1. What do I do with all of this freedom?

We have all become accustomed to sitting at a desk for 8 hours with one lunch break and little free time. This time we all of a sudden have to ourselves is very exciting but also incredibly overwhelming.

2. How does making friends work here?

During high school, everyone had their clique or group of friends that they stuck with every year. I guess the big mystery right now is whether or not college is the same way. Are there cliques outside of sport teams? If you're not on a sports team how do you make friends?

3. Are the people here just as dramatic as they were in high school?

The drama in high school was never ending so I can't help but to wonder if the drama queens of freshman year of high school will show up during freshman year of college.

4. What are some of the campus traditions?

In college everyone here emphasizes the importance of getting involved on campus. That is precisely how many friendships are formed throughout the school year (so have no fear those of you freaking out over # 2 on this list).

5. How many times will I embarrass myself within the first week?

To be completely honest this is a huge worry of mine. However, college is not high school and people are more focused on their individual goals. But you can't help but wonder if anyone saw you trip on your way into class.

6. How long before my roommate gets tired of me?

I like to think that I am someone that is easily tolerated but I sure do have my moments. So hey roomie if you are reading this I apologize in advance.

7. Is the Freshman 15 real?

One of my biggest fears of freshman year is gaining weight so I am very curious to see if the rumors are true.

8. How long before I call my mom?

It is my goal to avoid calling my mother until Thanksgiving but knowing me I will call her after my first class.

9. Do the people here really care about what I have to say?

All of the the people on campus can be really intimidating so I am sure we all have to wonder who our actual friends are. After all, we can find a Regina George anywhere we go in life.

10. How will I stay confident and remain determined with so much going on?

You heard it from Kevin G everyone. We all have to try to let go of all negativity in our lives so that our new beginning can be a success.

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