10 thoughts We've Had While Baking

1. Recipe: Here are the ingredients on how to make the cake batter


I will just be buying box cake batter then.

2. It says I need a tablespoon but all I can find are spoons. That's the same right?

3. Recipe: Cook for 15-20 min.


We all know it's going to be way longer than that.

4. Spends 15 minutes doing the math on how the heck you double a recipe

5. When I forget to pull my hair up while cooking

6. When I think I don't need an apron

7. Using peppermint essence 1/2 drop=Candy cane flavor 2 drops=toothpaste

8. You never know how much you need your kitchen mixer until you are somewhere else that doesn't have one and you're asked to make a dessert and have to do everything by hand.

9. When it comes to cookies I'm sure that I would always get the suggested number of cookies made if it wasn't for me eating a lot of the dough.

10. Random Person: But you get worms from eating cookie dough


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