If there's one thing carrying me through the piles of work I have to complete: it's the reward of Thanksgiving break. Even more so, it's the reward of my mom's mashed potatoes and endless turkey leftovers. If your favorite part is also indulging yourself on endless amounts of Thanksgiving food, here 10 things you probably think when you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.

1. This plate must weigh the same as a small child...but I'm not complaining.

And I'll probably go back for more.

2. What is taking everyone so long? Girl needs to eat.

Straight up drooling at this point.

3. No judgement, please.

Leave Britney alone!

4. I hope no one brings up politics.

Mashed potatoes will be flying.

5. Where's the wine at?


6. Mom, Dad, you've outdone yourselves.

Simply fantastic.

7. Please, no one ask me about upcoming assignments.

Nope nope nope nope.

8. Did Nana just swipe another roll?

Yes, yes she did.

9. When's the proper break in conversation to get more food?

Gotta catch the breaks between stories...

And finally,

10. Did anyone leave room for dessert? Psh, is that even a question?!

Bring it!