10 Things You Must Know About a Good Resume

10 Things You Must Know About a Good Resume

A good resume can be compared to a good teacher, it's very essential in helping you get your dream job as the teacher is important to the students.


If you are really interested in getting a job, then you must know how to write a good resume. You can use a free resume builder if you want to build it online easily. A good resume can be compared to a good teacher, it's very essential in helping you get your dream job as the teacher is important to the students.

Features You Must Include in Your Resume

  • Creativity: You must display your creativity in the resume. An employer needs employees that will point out things that are wrong in the organization and correct them. He won't be interested in hiring people that follow the regular standards or the trails and footsteps other people dropped. You can say 'I discovered and developed a new order process that reduced lead times by 25% in my department'.
  • Positivity: Who doesn't like positive mindsets? Definitely everyone loves people with positive mindsets and your employee is not an exception. For every team to move on, it must be lead by people that believe in themselves.
  • Commitment: You should be willing to be committed to the organization. You've gotten a chance try lie your life with the consciousness that you have a responsibility and also try your best to live by it. You'll have to treat the business like it's yours.
  • Team spirit: You must have a spirit of motivating other people in your tem and consider it a privilege to be in a team with them.
  • Community service: In the world today, every individual is claiming to be a philanthropist but how many people actually worth the name? You should have a good heart and be willing to serve the public the best way you can.

Top Qualities Employees are Looking For

  • Honesty: Nobody would want to employee a thief to the financial department of an organization. Try to leave your life free of any crimes and past criminal records. Employees also look at those records.
  • Flexibility: Ability to adapt to certain changes. As an employee, you should be able to adapt to certain changes that might emerge in the capital market and certain trends.
  • Ability to work with other colleagues: You shouldn't be the nagging type, or the type of person that shouts at every single mistake or error by your co-worker. The work place should be in harmony and peaceful always in different circumstances.
  • Loyalty: All organizations need employees that can represent the companies' interests in conferences and other outings confidently.

How to Make Your Employee Know You Have the Above Skills

  • You need to provide a resume to get their attention. You can use a good resume builder to get the best.
  • Write and send a cover letter together with your resume. It should be professional enough and also clearly display the fact that you understand the needed skills and also ready to deliver them.
  • Be sure and confident that your references will speak well of you when consulted.
  • Be confident and possess good communication skills, both on telephone, during the interview and in the resume.
  • Have some stories to tell your employee to prove to him that you are worth the job.

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What Family Looks Like To Me

There is not one "right" way a family should and can look. Here are 13 different, yet perfectly normal ways.


When I think of the word family, I think of the words belonging, love, forever, care, safety, acceptance. Some people may describe family as those who you share your blood with, but I think (and know) that family can and does encapsulate a lot more. Specifically, being adopted, I know that you don't have to share the same DNA with your parents or siblings to love them just like in any normal family. Out of curiosity, I turned to the internet to see how others defined family. What I found was 6 "common" family structures: nuclear family, single parent, extended family, stepfamily, childless family, and grandparent family. While these are legitimate categorizations, I believe that there are multiple subcategories within these groups that deserve their own recognition, as well as categories that exist out of the 6 "common" ones. So, what exactly defines a family? Here are 13 different ways a family can look.

1: Adoptive Family:

An adoptive family is typically where one or more of the children are adopted. However, generally speaking, if any family has an adopted family member, this can be also categorized as an adopted family.

There are, however, many different ways an adoptive family can come to be. Here are some examples:

a. Transracial adoption: when the race of the adoptive parents is different than that of the adopted child. This is the family structure I was lucky enough to be adopted into!

b. Domestic adoption: adopting a child from within the same country

c. International adoption: adopting a child from a different country

d. Foster care to adoption: some adoptees initially are foster kids before they're adopted

e. Biological family member adoption: when a family member adopts a child that is not their own within the family due to circumstances

2. Foster family

A family where one or more of the children are foster children (and therefore legally are temporary members of the household.)

3. Sperm/Egg donor family

Where a sperm or egg was donated to a couple (or person) who wished to have a child of their own but could/did not.

4. Nuclear family

The nuclear family consists of a married man and woman and their biologically related children. While this is a perfectly legitimate family structure, there exists some conservative viewpoints that the nuclear family is one of the only ways a family should look.

5. Single parent family

A family where one person is the sole parent and caretaker of his/her child(ren).

6. Divorced/separated family 

In some families with divorced/separated parents, one of the parents may be out of the picture. However, in many situations, a co-custody situation will arise. I have many friends with divorced parents that have a co-custody arrangement, and I know how difficult this lifestyle can be. Many of my friends had to move from house to house every weekend throughout their childhood. In co-custody families, both the divorced parents have legal responsibility for their child(ren). This can mean that the children may alternate between which parent they live with, or live with just one and plan regular visits the other.

7. Conditionally separated family

A conditionally separated family is when one of the family members is separated from the family due to circumstances, but still are an integral, significant member of the family. Some examples of said 'circumstances' may be serving in the military, being incarcerated, hospitalization, or having a job far away.

8. Stepfamily

Where one of the parents are a step-parent. The stepfamily often overlaps with the divorced/separated family lifestyle.

9. Childless family

Families do not necessarily have to have children in order to be deemed a 'family'! There's not one way a childless family has to look (besides that no one in the family has any children, of course.)

10. Blended family

A family that typically merges extended family with immediate family. However, a more general definition would be when 2 or more previous families merge to form one big family.

There also exists 'grandparent families', which I decided to categorize under blended family. This is when the grandparent(s) live with one of their children and his/her family.

11. LGBTQ+ family

A family wherein one or more of the family members are of the LGBTQ+ community. I believe that this family dynamic is a perfectly legitimate, yet different experience, and deserves its own category and recognition.

12. Biracial or multiracial family

A family where the parents are of different heritage(s), and therefore have multi-ethnic children!

13. Immigrant family

Where one or more of the parents have immigrated into the country as an adult; their children may be immigrants as well, or may be citizens (if they were born in the country following their parent(s)'s immigration.

As you can see, there are so many different ways families can look. I know I definitely missed some, and I'm curious to discover more family structures throughout life as I meet more people. So, what does family look like to you?

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How To Appreciate Your Man

Top 5 Secrets for Making Your Man Feel Loved

I got one of those questions the other day that made me think, "well that's a blog post if I've ever seen one." The long and short of it was that the original poster wanted to know ways that she could show her man that she appreciated him. I said to myself, "self, exactly how could a woman show her man that she appreciated him?"

The more I started to think about this the more difficult it became. And do you know why?

Glad you asked.

Well, its because I think in general, women constantly show their men how much they appreciate us. If there's a gender dropping the ball in the appreciation arena, its men, not women. Women tend to compromise more, always consider us in their decisions, and want us to be happy at all times. Not that men don't want their women to be happy, we just would rather her happiness didn't come at our expense. Are we selfish? Probably. We're also raised to be selfish about life. It's a vicious cycle.

Anyway, so I got to thinking about specifics. Assuming that regular life is taking place and both people show one another that they care and appreciate them via regular life activities like spending time and saying things that need to be said, etc, how else might this occur?

Here's my stab at this list.

1. Telling him to go out and have a night with his boys on occasion

I don't mean the scheduled 2-hour break many of us get on a Saturday to go hang with our friends and play basketball or something. I mean, just one day, out of the blue, just tell your man that he should go and take a personal day and have fun. Go do whatever you want and come home when you want. No pressure and no worries. We'll probably think this is a set up (face it, 7 times out of 10 it IS a setup), but he'll appreciate that you realized he needed a "break" at times.

2. Buy him something that he actually wants instead of something you want him to have

Not saying that this is always the case, or the case the majority of the time, but I know I've been the recipient of more than one gift that I either couldn't use or couldn't understand why I was receiving it. Of course I took it and said thank you, but it went in the pile with the Snuggies and Extra Medium Banana Republic sweaters. If I say I'd like something like a new toolbox and you get me a toolbox, I'll be ecstatic. Just like women love when men listen, men do too. We appreciate that and will feel appreciated. Because you heard me.

3. Help him with something that he really needs help with

You know how we know that you love or appreciate us? By being there for us when we truly need somebody to be there. Now, this seems like its in women's nature to do this anyway so perhaps this goes in the "just do what you'd normally do" pile, but its true. Men need respect and loyalty. We're like dogs in that regard. You give us that and we'll likely stick around for the long haul anyway. But we do appreciate that and trust me, it doesn't go unnoticed.

4. Tell him

Sounds easy enough but it really isn't. A lot of people have trouble articulating to somebody why they appreciate them. It's easy to say "I love you" (well, kind of), but its harder to say why you love somebody or why you appreciate what they bring to your life because it requires self-awareness. So telling him will allow him the space to understand why you appreciate him and he'll probably cook you a meal. We work really well with words of affirmation.

5. Just do something nice to make him feel special

Another one of those things that truly just goes both ways, male or female. In fact, showing appreciation really is the same across the board. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, the best way to show appreciation is to just do it. Let them know, or do something nice for them to show that you care and are listening to their needs. Everybody wins that way.

And an angel probably gets its wings.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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