10 Things You Know If You Are A Transfer Student (As Told By Full House)

10 Things You Know If You Are A Transfer Student (As Told By Full House)

Always remember that if you don't where you are, you can always move!


ransferred schools the second semester of my freshman year of college. It was really a challenge coming to a new school, especially in the middle of the year. I even ended up having a nervous breakdown in the parking lot when my dad dropped me off. I just could not imagine starting all over again. Despite the struggles, I managed to survive and even made a handful of wonderful friends at my new school. However, transferring schools can be tough, so here are some of the continuous struggles of being a transfer student in college.

1. Not knowing anyone's age or year

Myself, and many other transfer students, have realized that because we are not with the people in our grade for all four years, we have no idea what grade anyone is in. I often find myself thinking people are way older or younger than they really are. And then, of course, I can never believe whenever I find out that I am wrong and that person is way older or younger than I thought.

2. Not knowing who anyone is talking about

When I first transferred schools and attempted to make friends, I often became stuck in conversations where I was confused. Names would come up and I did not know who anyone was talking about. I often found myself just nodding and acted like I knew what was going on.

3. You try so hard to make friends, but everyone is already established in their friend groups

Coming in freshman year wasn't as bad as it could've been, I'm assuming, but it was still a hard time making friends at first. I felt like every single person already had a whole group of friends, leaving no room for me.

4. It is too late to join any clubs

When I first started college, I was really excited to join all of the clubs. But when I started at my new school, it was too late to join them.

5. You have to learn things over again

Basically, when you transfer schools, you have to figure out everything again, just at a new place with new people. This was hard for me because I am somewhat introverted and already didn't enjoy doing these things in the first place. So, you could imagine how much I enjoyed doing all of this again.

6. Having to tell people over and over again where you transferred from and why

My mother always tells me that there are questions that you get asked throughout life. These are the first two questions that people ask when they figure out that I am a transfer student. At this point, any transfer student may even consider dropping out of school.

7. You have to become accustomed to a whole new living environment

Not only do you have to get used to a new school when you transfer, but you also have to get used to living in a new place. For me, I lived in a dorm and then I was a commuter, which was really challenging to get used to.

But, despite all of the struggles of being a transfer student, there are also many high points...

8. You get a fresh, new start

Although it may seem scary at first to be in a new place with new faces, it is also very exciting. At first, I thought it was impossible to transfer schools when I didn't like where I was at. But then I discovered that I can do anything if I want to! The point is, if you are unhappy somewhere, you can always go somewhere else and start over.

9. You finally join some clubs and start making friends

Suddenly, your plans start to fall into place, and you finally begin to feel comfortable at your new school. You even make some friends and love where you are.

10. You end up loving your new school more than you could ever imagine

Even though it's hard to transfer schools, it is most often time worth it. If you are unhappy with the school you are at, you should at least consider transferring. I did it three years ago, and it was the best decision of my life.

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