10 Things You Didn't Know About Lauren

1. Lauren's a Libra

Lauren Marie Tadlock was born on October 21st, 1992.

"Overall, I don't believe in astrology ... But it is interesting at times."

2. Life Goal: Open an Animal Shelter

And she's a dog person.

"I'd want to open a no-kill animal shelter. My dog is from one and it inspired me!"

3. She used to have Heely's

She was even cool in elementary school.

"I was in those wheel shoes and I fell! I got road rash all over my face!"

4. Lauren likes Lions

Lions: kings and queens of the animal kingdom.

"I just love the way they carry themselves, they look so confident."

5. Soccer came before Volleyball

She ran around on that field for 9 years.

"I ultimately chose volleyball because I thought I was more successful at it."

6. Theme song for her life: Anything by Beyoncé

Fit for a queen, of course.

7. Her Favorite Quote is by Gandhi

A peaceful martyr who leads by example.

"I love that one: Be the change you wish to see in the world."

8. Lauren loves Crunch Bars

Even more scrumptious!

"I LOVE chocolate."

9. She has DWU's Women's Hang Clean Record

Beauty, brains, and brawn; who cleans at 175 lbs.

10. She has Great Advice for Girls

Wisdom by Lo Tad.

"Don't care about what other people think, improve yourself before you worry about others."

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