If you have a little sister, you probably say these things to her!

1. Do you want to go get food?

Sometimes you don’t even know why you asked that question because you know the answer is going to be yes. She is going to get to pick where you go though.

2. But that is always followed by: Will you pay for me though? I'm poor.

Most of the time she probably won't pay for you, but there are those random occasions were she is feeling generous.

3. Do I stink?

If she makes a face like that, then yes, you do smell. If she makes a face and also says you smell, then you really smell and you should probably go take a shower.

4. No, I will not do your homework.

You try to see how long you can hold out and make her feel nervous about the assignment, but in the end, you both know you will end up doing it because you don't want to see your sister fail.

5. Well, I was born first.

You use this excuse for everything! You use it if you want to ride shotgun, or if you both like the same outfit.

6. He is cute. You should date him.

Obviously, you and your sister have a different taste in guys because every time you point a guy out, she thinks he is ugly.

7. YOLO was so 2015.

That usually does not phase her because she will just look at you and probably respond with YOLO.

8. You owe me big time.

Usually you tell her after you do her homework or buy her food, even though you know you are probably never getting your money back.

9. Let's dance it out.

A good dancing session is something that you will always need. It is even better when you get to blast your favorite music and dance like a crazy person with your best friend. In that moment, you just get each other and nothing can tear you apart.

10. I love you so so much!

And you genuinely mean it. You see your little sister growing up and becoming such a beautiful and successful woman and it makes you love her a little bit more each day.