10 Things to Remember as an Incoming Freshman
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10 Things to Remember as an Incoming Freshman

You just graduated, and you can't wait to go to college. There are some things you need to remember, though, before taking on the adventure of college.

10 Things to Remember as an Incoming Freshman

1. Get ready to be broke.

Money is great. When you're in college, it seems to disappear faster than you jump up and down and scream when class gets cancelled. Someone says "let's go get food" and you jump on it because you want food, and college kids are always down for food.

2. School first is the way to go.

It's tempting to let social events, sleep, your phone, your friends, or any other distractions keep you from focusing on schoolwork, because you are at school to study and get a degree.

3. The caf may suck, but it's convenient.

Most freshman eat at the cafeteria on a daily basis for every meal, but since it's not always the best food, it's tempting to skip out and go get fast food instead. Whenever you think about doing that, refer to lesson #1.

4. Be efficient.

It's tempting to procrastinate, but don't. Otherwise, it'll be all-nighter after all-nighter for you.

5. Pull at least one all-nighter.

Don't get me wrong, you shouldn't pull all-nighters every single night, but you have to pull at least one, just to experience it. Whether you are doing it to do homework or just to watch Netflix, the experience is worth it.

6. Make new friends but don't forget the old ones.

The friends you make in college are the friends you'll remember for the rest of your life. Though you shouldn't live in high school, it isn't bad to remember that you do have friends back home too.

7. Call your parents.

They miss you. They love you. They want to hear your voice every once in awhile. You don't have to do it everyday like I do, but it's good to check up with your biggest supporters.

8. Go to events on campus.

Games are a great place to go and have a good time, especially at bigger schools, even if you aren't a sports fan. But, if you really don't like watching athletics, there are other events on campus too.

9. Get involved.

Not only are they resume builders, but they also are a great opportunity to meet great people who share the same interests as you.

10. Learn to like coffee.

It is a life-saver. Trust me. If you don't like coffee already, you better learn to. Even if it's just iced coffee or some really sugary drink, you will most definitely need the caffeine.

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