10 Things To Prep For Spring Break
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10 Things To Prep For Spring Break

Things you know you should do, but maybe didn't do

10 Things To Prep For Spring Break

For many of us, spring break is either upon us or fast approaching. Some of us are going home, some of us are taking trips with friends to new places, and some of us might be staying back at school to relax in our dorm while our roommate is gone. Regardless of how you're spending your break, here are some good ideas to help you get ready for it!

1. Clean out the refrigerator

If you have a fridge in your dorm, it's time to start cleaning. It's always good to have a time to completely empty the fridge, anyway, and clean it down--but going away for a week gives you a reason to wipe everything out of it.

2. Really think about what to bring

Spring break is much shorter than winter break; make sure you're genuinely only bringing what you need where you go. Especially if you're flying--you don't want to have to spend a ton of extra pocket change on bags you don't need. I mean, do you really need those 20 pairs of shoes?

3. Make sure you don't have any work due the first day back (or even over break)

Some professors love the curve ball approach, or maybe inclement weather has forced the syllabus schedule to change. If you have any large papers due the day you return or over the period of the break, try and get them done before you leave. No one wants to be stuck writing 100 pages on philosophical ethics during their trip to Cancun.

4. Plan some fun activities.

Especially important if you're staying at school or going back home, planning some mini excursions will make your spring break just as exciting as some senior's stereotypical trip to the Caribbean. Even if it's only a trip to the local mall with your best friends, taking the time to make sure you won't be sleeping around on the couch all day with Netflix is definitely worthwhile--not that Netflix isn't fun.

5. Fill up your Netflix queue!

Going off of the fun activities, you're still going to have plenty of downtime--and rightfully so, it's your break! Have your Netflix ready to go with all of those seasons you've been meaning to binge since winter break.

6. Have your finances in check

Pretty self explanatory, but make sure you have enough money to do what you have planned for spring break. Pick up that last paycheck before you leave, and head out that door!

7. Tidy up your room

The best feeling in the world, even for someone who never tidies her room (me), is coming back and not feeling like you need to do anything--and coming back to a room that's already spotless is a great way to achieve that!

8. Make sure your passport is valid

Definitely something to have thought about months before your trip, but if you're going out of the country make sure you have your passport in order. If you don't...well...maybe you can count on luck!

9. Emergency plans for plants and pets (whether legally in your dorm or not)

If you have plants or pets--regardless of whether or not you're allowed to have them--and you aren't bringing them with you for break, make sure you find a temporary caretaker or home for them. Even fish and cacti need some love.

10. Pre-filter your college stories before you go home and tell your parents/siblings

Just remember, before you tell that story about last Friday, make sure you've found a work around to the potentially illegal things that occurred throughout the tale of misadventure.

Prepping ever so slightly in advance for spring break certainly helps alleviate stress after break. The most important part of break, though, is remembering to have fun!

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