1. Honesty

If someone finds the need to lie about every little thing, even if it's something as insignificant as what they had for lunch, then drop them. They're not worth being kept around.

2. Humor

Don't date someone who doesn't get your sense of humor, and especially don't date someone who lacks a sense of humor.

3. Work Ethic

We all have to grow up at one point, don't date someone who has no work ethic or sense of responsibility.

4. Maturity

Dating someone who is immature was cool in high school, now, there is a fine line between play time and work time.

5. Similiarities

Dating your polar opposite sounds fun and exciting, but when you find yourself arguing over things you simply will never agree on, you will take back your previous statement.

6. Someone who you can achieve your goals with

Don't date someone who hates traveling if you plan on traveling for the rest of your life. In the end, you both won't be happy and it's not good for anybody.

7. Support

Date someone who is going to push you towards your goals, not hold you back. Having someone who supports and believes in you is an amazing feeling.

8. Someone who is at your pace

If you like to take things slow, date someone who takes things slow as well. Don't date someone who wants to get married in 3 weeks and have kids tomorrow if you plan on taking your time. Disagreement is the lead cause of arguments.

9. Someone who doesn't make you doubt their love

Don't be with the person who constantly has you questioning their love for you.

10. Date who YOU like

Don't be with the person your mom likes, your friend likes, or your sister likes. Be with the person you like regardless of what others say. It's nice to follow other's advice, but at the end of the day, you know what makes you the happiest.