Puppies can make anyone smile. They are adorable little fur babies who lick and tumble around with an endearing curiosity for discovering the world. As such, they are a coveted addition to any household. While getting a puppy is an exceptionally rewarding adventure, it is also a tremendous responsibility. It’s not all cute puppy pajamas and little paws, there’s housebreaking, hair/tooth brushing, diet research, and a lifetime of patience that goes into raising these little fur babies. Apart from the beautiful memories and incredible bond you will form with your new puppy through the years, it’s important to be aware of what it takes to raise one.

  1. They are basically babies. They need to be cared for and attended to as such, including taking them out for a bathroom break in the middle of the night.
  2. Don’t let size fool you — their energy is unreal. Puppies need lots of play and exercise.
  3. Play pens are great for minimal house destruction.
  4. You should take puppy wipes, diapers, and toys everywhere you take your new puppy.
  5. Try not to travel too much with the new pup until all vaccinations have been received. (Pictured: Allergic reaction to insect)
  6. Depending on the breed, you’ll need to take in some extra precautions or considerations. (Pictured: Golden Retriever bath time)
  7. Puppy obedience classes are an adorable way to socialize and train your pup.
  8. Become aware of poisonous human foods like chocolate, grapes, and onions.
  9. Sticking to a food and potty routine is the best way to housebreak the little cutie.
  10. A puppy is a lifetime commitment. Properly raising and caring for them after you adopt or shop for one is not an optional decision. Expect to have a puppy for about a year and an adult dog for 10-15 years afterwards. Be responsible for their vet appointments, vaccinations, diet and exercise, grooming needs, and everything in between.