10 Things To Do In Lewisburg Instead Of Supering

10 Things To Do In Lewisburg Instead Of Supering

Put down the Andre.

After going to Bucknell for however many years, you may think you know everything there is to know about lil ol' Lewisburg, but you don't. Lewisburg definitely has some awesome restaurants *couch* Siam *cough* and a bunch of cute shops *cough* Dwellings *cough*, but there are also a ton of fun things you can do and find on the streets of Lewisburg that you may not have known about.

So while everyone is getting sunburned and drinking $3 bubbly, think about using the day for something a little more intellectual.

1. Campus Theatre

The campus theater has a lot more to offer than just movie screenings. Several times a month, performers come from all over the globe to perform. Many Lewisburg inhabitants are aware of this, but many Bucknellians are not. Make sure to visit the Weis Center for a schedule of events during the semester.

2. Downtown Dance

Specializing in dance and fitness classes for kids and Bucknell students alike, Downtown Dance is the perfect place to go for an active afternoon away from the bustle of campus.

3. Galleries

There are several galleries in Lewisburg that are great to stroll through if you're looking to relax and take your mind off of your schoolwork. The Downtown Art Gallery and Open-Door Gallery are just two of many, and if you don't feel like leaving campus, the Samek Art Gallery is right on campus!

4. The Poetry Path

Whether you were assigned the Poetry Path as an assignment by your English teacher or you just want to spend some time with nature, the Poetry Path is something you HAVE to do before leaving Bucknell. The path is open year-round and features ten trail markers, each with its own poem.

5. Notable Tree Tour

If poetry isn't your thing, take a walk through history and finally notice the ancient trees you've never fully appreciated around town. Spread throughout the downtown area, this is a great way to explore and escape on a fall day.

6. Music in the Park

This summer concert series is perfect if you are on campus doing research and need a break. At 7 p.m. almost every night, live music, ranging from jazz to blues to swing, plays at Hufnagle Park for your enjoyment.

7. Lewisburg Brew-B-Que

Every summer, Lewisburg comes to life and offers a variety of activities to the public. You can visit the beer garden, sidewalk sales and children's carnival while you eat fresh barbecue and watch the Lewisburg Triathlon!

8. Museums

Visit any of the four museums downtown and discover secrets and facts about Lewisburg that you never knew. You'll appreciate your time in Lewisburg so much more when you truly understand how it came to be and where you, as a Bucknell student, fit in the timeline.

9. Community Pool

Trying to go for a swim at the gym and the football team is hogging the agua? Head down to the community pool any day of the week for a dip. You can even host a themed birthday party!

10. Canoe Susquehanna

While the rest of campus is having half-meaningful conversations as they sweat in the sun, why not take a river tour! You may even spot a bald eagle while you kayak, and most tours stop in for ice cream at the end.

Whether you like to super (and who doesn't, honestly) or not, all of these adventures are worthy of your time. Before you leave Bucknell for good, take an afternoon or two to discover what's hiding in our little town of Lewisburg.

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Cover Image Credit: Hartford Courant

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5 Things I Don't Know How To Do But Should've Learned Years Ago, As Told By The Kardashians

In my opinion, there should be college classes completely based on mastering these topics.


There are many things that I don't know how to do yet. These, however, are things that I am now realizing are things I maybe should have learned a long time ago. Things that if I knew anything about them, it would improve my life exponentially. Hopefully some of you feel the same and we can learn together.

1. How to cook chicken


Seems easy, but this is deceivingly difficult. No one tells you what type of chicken to get, and there are so many options. Like, do you get chicken breast or chicken cutlet or chicken tenders? Which way is the best way to cook it? Pan fry, bake, deep fry, poach, steam, etc! And how do you make it not taste like paper? What, like, spices do you put on it? In my last year of college I have made it my duty to learn how to make every type of chicken.

2. How to work a dishwasher


So, I know how to put the plates and silverware in, obviously. And I always clean them off before because I never trust the dishwasher soap to get everything off. How would it? And where exactly does the little dishwasher soap go? No one tells you where the leetle hole is that the soap bar goes. There's like three different holes in the door thing, and how are you supposed to know which one the soap goes in? Just guess and hope for the best? That's what I do.

3. How to pay your taxes??? Literally how


No matter who I ask, young or old, no one understands anything about taxes. I have been working since I was 17 and year after year when I ask my parents for help filing my taxes, they agree begrudgingly while squinting at the paper pointing at the little boxes with a "I think it's that one." I have never and will never understand anything to do with taxes, period. I will leave this to the professionals.

4. How to do anything with insurance, ever


Once again, wtf? Do the companies make these things impossible to understand on purpose? Like, all I want is to get my birth control from CVS and be done. Is that so hard? Why do I have to switch it to Walgreens (to whom I am NOT brand loyal, to, by the way) and then check if they cover my insurance? And WTF is a copay? And there's something that you pay before you get a copay? All I'm gonna say is that my mom tried to explain it to me once and it went in one ear and out the other.

5. How to arrange a cheese board


This is something that I feel shows you have truly made it at an adult. You have people over to your house and just throw together a lovely charcuterie board for your guests like its nothing. But what do you buy for it? Cheese, obviously. Meats? What types of cheese and meat? Grapes? Nuts? And how do you arrange it to look all pretty? Mark my words: when I can make a yummy and visually appealing cheese board, I've made it.

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