10 Things That Happen When Your Roommates Become Your Best Friends

Bless the poor souls that live with me and are forced to put up with me on a daily basis. Can I just say thank you for everything? I've literally known you for a whole like 2.5 months and I already don't know where I would be without you guys. So, this one is for you. 20 things that happen when you get *too* close with your roommate(s)

1. You begin to understand their strange noises.

We all know that one friend who is always eating, and just grunts and points when the have food in their mouth and want something. Well I happen to live with one of those, and I love her to death, and I'm getting pretty good at deciphering what she wants.

2. Cuddle parties and group hugs become a regular thing.

You're just laying on the couch watching Netflix, when your roommate just flops down on you. Then you both start talking about your day and you end up laying there for like 20 minutes. Or you just crawl into your roommates bed, there are no boundaries.

3. You have nicknames and inside jokes.

You have inside jokes and weird names that nobody else would understand, you don't even understand them half the time. (Molly this one's for you, thanks for *trying* to teach me how to box).

4. You learn how to talk for each other.

After living together you begin to pick up on how the other talks and texts... Meaning that when one of you is clueless how to respond to a boy/girl/crush person, the other will always be there to take your phone and say something you wouldn't have the guts to say.

5. Your closet doubles in size.

While I have a very different style from my two roommates, their closets are basically identical because their styles are so similar. They share clothes all the time and have one huge closet.

6. You (very quickly) learn each other limits when it comes to alcohol.

Whether it's you driving like across town at 3 am to pick up your drunk roommate, or your roommate throwing a guinea pig at you to calm you down while you're drunk. You very quickly learn each other limits and what the others need when they're intoxicated.

7. You tag each other in the most random things ever on Facebook.

You're just scrolling though Facebook and you see something funny, so you tag your roommates in it. Then if you're with them, you just stare at them till they look at their phone and get the notification and watch said video and laugh with you.

8. Movie nights are a regular thing

There isn't much better than you and your roommates sitting on the couch or futon and just belting out every song in your favorite Disney movies. (High School Musical anybody?)

9. Wine nights are a regular thing too.

To go along with those movie nights you need a glass of wine. Not much is better.

10. You gain some best friends

When you know your roommates are your best friends and will be there for you to help you though anything, that is one of the most amazing feelings in the world

My roommates and I live in a small room, and are together 95% of the time. Do we always get along? No. Do we annoy the heck out of each other sometimes? Hell yes. Do we love each other unconditionally? Of course. I love my roommates to death, even if I've only known them for a short time I'm already closer with them than I am with some people that I have known for years.

So, this one is for you guys, thank you for dealing with me while drunk, thank you for listening to my stupid stories, thank you for stoping me from doing stupid things, and above all, thank you for loving me and helping me grow as a person. I love you guys.

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