10 Things That Happen When Your and Your Best Friend Are The Same Person
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10 Things That Happen When Your and Your Best Friend Are The Same Person

Me, myself, and my BFF.

10 Things That Happen When Your and Your Best Friend Are The Same Person
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Having a best friend is a majestic relationship. Especially when you look at your BFF and see yourself.

1. Your Boyfriends are the Same

There are very few things weirder than meeting your best friend’s boyfriend for the first time, especially when her boyfriend is identical looking, acting, and sounding to your own boyfriend.

2. Matching Everything

Online shopping consists of buying two of everything. For some odd reason, 2016 has brought a whole new meaning to “twinning” especially with me and my best friend.

3. Netflix and Bitch

Who else could you watch 7 seasons of Army Wives with and complain when your favorite character dies? No one because only your best friend who is literally a copy of yourself has the same attachment to that character.

4. (Anti) Study Nights

Bringing your laptop and assignments to where ever you and your bestie are going with all intentions of actually studying and doing work… but three hours in and all you've done is order Dominoes, received the pizza(s), and then eat every piece of the pizza(s).

5. Crafting > Life

Who would have thought Michaels would be a nightly stop? Not me. But guess who goes to Michaels every night? Also me.

6. Half of Your Closet Becomes Filled with Her Clothes

What could possibly be better than having a best friend to switch clothes with? Nothing. It's all the fun of shopping and getting new things without having to spend a dime!

7. You're Never Alone

Meeting up with your bestie to hit the local diner or Panera is awesome. Especially when you order the same exact thing because after all, you two are the same person!

8. Making Plans With Other People is Nearly Impossible

When your bestie is the busiest person on the face of the Earth and other people want to hangout with the two of you and it takes literally a million years to figure out when you all can get together.

9. Separation Anxiety

Live, sleep, breathe, BFF. It's been two hours and I miss my bestie, thank GOD for FaceTime.

10. Dunks Regulars

THE LADY AT THE LOCAL DUNKS KNOWS US BECAUSE WE LITERALLY GO TOGETHER ALL THE TIME. I pray that you and your bestie don't spend that much time at dunks, but if you do you can definitely relate.

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