10 Things To Thank Your Older Sister For

10 Things To Thank Your Older Sister For

You may bicker and argue, but nobody will be there for you unconditionally like an older sister.


Despite the hair pulling and fighting, growing up with a sister seven years older than me has been one of my saving graces. My sister has been my biggest supporter and motivator since the day I was born, and she has taught me how to navigate through all the hardships of life, while still keeping a smile on my face. She has made me into the best version of myself, so to my older sister: thank you.

1. Being your mentor. 

Being the little sister meant my older sis was always there me to teach me the ins and outs of dealing with friend drama, boy drama, and even the occasional annoying parents. I'll always be thankful to my sister for teaching me how to cope with all of life's ups and downs in the most graceful way possible.

2. Teaching you to hold your head high. 

Big sisters often seem to carry a wave of immeasurable confidence. When I was younger, I always looked up to my older sister and admired her ability to not let anyone knock the crown off her head, and I'm happy she was able to teach me to always hold my head high.

3. Being your number one fan. 

I can honestly say that my sister is my biggest supporter. She never fails to tell me how proud she is of me, and I hope she knows how proud I am of her too. If you're lucky enough to have a sister who supports your hopes and dreams, don't forget to thank her.

4. For letting you hangout with her. 

Even though a seven-year age difference can seem like enough to sever a close bond, one of the things I'm most grateful for is that my sister always let me spend time with her. I never felt like I was bothering her when we would hang out, even if I was 12-years-old and she was 19-years-old. Making me feel included and loved even if we didn't have a lot in common is one of her greatest gifts to me.

5. Teaching you to be mature.

It's no doubt that younger siblings look up to their older ones and mimic their behavior. Having a responsible and mature older sibling taught me to be well mannered and respectful, and I give my sister all the credit.

6. Being your role model.

As a younger sibling, I often looked at my sister for advice. Whether or not I explicitly asked her for advice, she was always there to give it. I'm thankful to my sister for showing me how to be a strong, independent woman, and for teaching me how to navigate life the best way she knows how.

7. For never saying "I told you so".

Even though I'm thankful for all my sister has taught me, I can't say I always took her advice. Being stubborn, and often wanting to prove her wrong, I went against her better judgment and often tried to do things my way. When I came to realize that I should have listened to her, she never made me feel bad about it. She continues to teach me, but never scold me for my mistakes.

8. Being there for you 24/7.

Even though my sister lives in a different country, she always picks up on the first ring. I can call her any time of day (and I literally have), and she is always there to listen. Whether I call her crying tears of joy or tears of sadness, she always listens to me and tries to help me. I'm so thankful to her for being my rock and always letting me know that things will be okay.

9. For bailing you out. 

As a younger sibling, I often seemed to get away with a lot more than my older sister. Anytime I had a fight with my parents, or did something that would get me in trouble, my sister often advocated for leniency. She tried to convince my parents to let me off the hook, and I'm especially thankful for all the times it actually worked.

10. For making you the person you are today. 

Despite our fights and constant arguments, my sister has shaped me into the person I am today. If it wasn't for her advice, or her ability to be such a great role model, I wouldn't be where I am. Her constant support and love give me the ability to go through life knowing she will always be there for me, allowing me to be the best version of myself.

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Once she realizes that he's always there she'll hand him her trust,

and for a solid sibling-ship, this confidence is a must.

If you give a girl a brother, she'll always have someone to blame

when her blood is boiling and she's too mad to remember her own name.

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and when she's at a loss for words, someone to speak on her behalf.

If you give a girl a brother, you can expect a lifetime of fights,

but to compensate, they'll stay up watching movies and bonding many late nights.

At times he'll be her worst enemy yet always her biggest alliance.

He'll make her happier than anyone on this planet, and there is no denying it.

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If you give a girl a brother, she'll always have a hand to hold,

a shoulder to cry on, her very own stronghold,

and someone to support her in every endeavor.

If you give a girl a brother, she'll be the luckiest girl ever.

God blessed this girl with three amazing brothers who are everything mentioned above and more. I love all three of them more than anyone could ever imagine and I am so thankful for all the days they've been my personal assistants, my therapists, or my goofballs to laugh with.

I really cannot fathom anything greater than having a brother — or three.

Cover Image Credit: https://static-secure.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/cartoons/2012/6/18/1340009508811/brother-and-sister-fighti-008.jpg

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What It Feels Like To Be Reunited With Your Sisters

My best friends, my confidants, and the most annoying girls you'll ever meet all in one.


As someone who has always been close with their siblings, it's always strange when I come to the sudden realization (usually at three in the morning) that we will probably never live very close to each other again. We're scattered all around the nation right now: one of us on the West Coast, another sister in the Midwest, a brother in New England, and the last one (me) in the South. My sisters and brother were more than just siblings, they were my best friends growing up. The fact that I only get to see them during Christmas and maybe a weekend in the summer breaks my heart.

After the winter holiday break, we began to collectively wonder: when is the next time we'll all actually be together again? Will we be able to see each other in the summer? Will my older sister be too busy with her new Californian job? Will my other sister be preoccupied with research in her graduate program? Will my brother be willing to stop playing video games to go out to dinner with us if we even could all gather up?

I decided to take action against my fear of never seeing my siblings again. While most of my peers were planning a trip to some tropical location for spring break, I saved enough money to buy a ticket to Chicago where one of my sisters lives. My mother agreed to join the trip, which encouraged my oldest sister to abandon sunny San Francisco and visit the Windy City.

Even though the gap between my winter break and my spring break was not too large, I still missed my siblings immensely and longed for any moment I could spend with them. I'm aware that these opportunities will be few and far between, so I need to take advantage while I can.

Of course, your idolized version of being reunited with family does not always align with reality. Within ten minutes of seeing my sister, we were already bickering, and that was not the first time we would fight during the trip.

Still, part of me misses those pointless arguments. I miss the yelling, the hair-pulling, how my two older sisters sometimes gang up on me as the youngest child. To me, all of those things are worth it because, after all of that, we can laugh about childhood memories or give each other advice on our love lives (or for me, lack thereof). I get to see my sisters try to balance becoming adults while they still giggle at "That's What She Said" jokes.

It's strange to watch my sisters get older, to see them discover their path in life. I always saw them as so mature and sure of themselves, but it's nice to know that they're still themselves. Growing up doesn't mean they've lost their sense of humor adventure. They're still my sisters, and they're still my best friends.

After this, I don't know when the next time I'll see them will be. Of course, there is so much technology available, so if I really wanted to sit on the couch and watch "Brooklyn 99" with my sister while eating dinner, we could do that together. But, it's not quite the same if you don't get to share a blanket or occasionally smack one-another in the arm when they keep interrupting the episode. As much as we try to imitate the physical sensation of being next to someone, you can't mirror the feeling completely.

Now that we've gone to the Midwest, maybe our next trip will be to the West Coast, and then they'll even visit me at college. All I know is that distance will not keep me and my sisters apart. Family can cross timezones, cross borders, cross all obstacles. For family, I'm willing to do what I can for another moment of rewatching the last episode of Friends for the thirtieth time.

Oh, and I guess my brother can come too.

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