10 Things Sorority Girls are Tired of Hearing

1. I could never pay for my friends.

We have to make friends the same way everyone else on campus has to make friends. There are girls that are best friends and there are girls that don't get along at all.

2. Wow, you’re actually smart.

Sororities have a GPA requirement (typically a 3.0) to join and stay an active member and the majority of the time the house average is above the minimum requirement and even the all campus women's average.

3. How do you do the thing with your hands?

It's just fun and cute for pictures really.

4. Did you get hazed really bad?

No. Sororities don't haze. Really, we don't. Please stop asking.

5. I didn't know you actually did things for your philanthropy.

Sororities fundraise throughout the year and many even interact directly with their philanthropies.

6. I bet you party all the time.

7. I'm surprised you and your sorority sisters don't all look the same.

Sorry to disappoint that we all aren't 6ft, size 00, and blonde.

8. You must be really wealthy.

Just because we can pay our dues doesn't mean we don't live off Raman Noodles like every other broke college student.

9. Why can't you tell me your initiation secrets?

They are called secrets for a reason. Wouldn't be as fun if everyone knew them all.

10. I could never be in a sorority.

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