We're surrounded by a world that's dominated by social media, and some things that shouldn't have become very normal. There's a few habits and mindsets you should always remember to steer away from in order to remember that real life is the most important thing.

Maybe it's time to hit the reset button. Here are 10 things social media Isn't supposed to be:

1. Living for a picture

Have you ever noticed yourself being less in the moment when having fun than you were trying to get the perfect picture? This is an issue for a lot of social media users and even influencers. Some have even gone so far as to photoshop themselves into places they've never been, simply for a like.

2. Competition

So what if you have more likes than your mortal enemy or vice versa? What good does that do for you, or the other person?

3. Proof of your worth

If you find yourself counting likes and posting for attention, stop! Social media shouldn't — in ANY way — be a means to prove your worth to yourself or others. Are worth can never be reduced to a number.

4. Stressful

Social media is meant to be a fun way to interact with your friends online; it shouldn't be stressful! It's OK to want to keep up on your profile or want to post that picture that you're super proud of, but you shouldn't be getting stressed out over it.

5. An obligation

I can't be the only one who has to go on periodic social media detoxes. It's healthy, sometimes, to take a break from constant use. Usually, when I need to detox from social media, it's a personal decision. Even then, I'm still asked the question, "Why didn't you like my picture?" and that can be annoying.

6. A mindless pastime

Autopilot happens, even with your thumbs. I've been halfway down my Instagram feed and had no idea how I'd gotten there. This usually leaves me thinking it'd be more healthy to be alone with my thoughts once in a while.

7. A platform for argument

I think most of us can agree that online arguments, especially those that pop up on your timeline for everyone to see, are just no fun for everyone involved. But, more often than not, there are better ways to solve the world's most pressing issues than taking them out on your keyboard. Be careful not to force fights!

8. All about you

Your social media pages should definitely be personalized for you, your likes, and your interests, and you sure, your followers want to know about YOU! But if you find your page becoming nothing but a gallery of selfies, it might be time to change it up!

9. A way to judge popularity

For different reasons, some would rather have as many "friends" online as they can, and some like to keep their online friends monitored. Everyone is entitled to their preferences. If you find yourself judging another person's "cool factor" based on their friends or followers, it's time to check your mindset!

10. A replacement for social interaction

Who here has had a facebook fan or an avid Instagram supporter constantly interact with you online, only to see them in person and have a painfully awkward or nonexistent conversation? Remember, social media isn't supposed to make you lose touch!