11 Things You Should Always Thank Your Mom For

Growing up, Mothers always told their children to remember to say "please" and "thank you" but they never expected a "thank you" for themselves. It is so easy to overlook all of the little things they constantly do for us and to forget how far a simple thank you can really go. So for all the times I didn't say it, please know how much I appreciate you. Here are only a few of the "thank you's" you deserve.

1. Thank you for giving birth to me and putting up with me for the past eighteen years.

I would not be me without you, literally.

2. Thank you for sitting through countless softball games, chorus concerts and swim meets.

Because who else would sit in the hot bleachers for six hours?

3. Thank you for driving me anywhere and everywhere and for trusting me enough to go out on my own when I got my license.

Again, still sorry I hit the garage.

4. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes and for always being my go-to girl if I needed to vent about some “life ending” problem I was having that week.

Back when changing friend groups and that cute boy in math class was all that was important.

5. Thank you for finding the countless things I have lost over the years and for the many times you had to rush to school to bring me that paper or project I left on the kitchen counter.

I would never have found that monkey wallet without you.

6. Thank you for that needed hug when I would come home from a hard day at school and for staying up with me into the late night if I wasn’t feeling well.

Everything feels a little better when you have your mom rubbing your back.

7. Thank you for always encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

I would not have run for class president or applied to that “random school in Ohio” without you.

8. Thank you for always wanting the best for me and always standing your ground, even if I didn’t think you were right at the time.

I guess I didn’t really need to stay out until 1am or sleep over to Rachel’s house on a school night anyways.

8. Thank you for always wanting the best for me and always standing your ground, even if I didn’t think you were right at the time.

You always under appreciate family dinners until you’re 300 miles away eating rubbery chicken from the dining hall.

10. Thank you for the countless lunch dates and for keeping all of my secrets.

Because no one really had to know how much I loved One Direction.

11. Thank you for being my best friend and never leaving my side. I hope to be at least half of the mom you are.

Surprised you didn’t leave when I went through that really big plaid phase, but really thankful you didn’t.

I could not imagine a world without your constant snapchats or endless questions about how to work instagram. You have provided me with a childhood of happiness, laughter and memories. As I sit here in my dorm room, 300 miles from home, I cannot help but miss you and wish we could still drive and get tacos together whenever we wanted. However, you have taught me how to stand on my own two feet and how to be independent. I am who I am and where I am today because of you. So yes, you may still be a phone call away, but I am still so lucky to have a woman like you in my life.

Thank you for always loving me.

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