Yes, I'm 4'11. Yes, I know I'm short. You don't have to constantly remind me. Here are other things you don't have to say either.

1. Aren't you considered a midget?

No, actually, I am not. But thanks for your concern.

2. How do you reach the top of the cabinet?

Very carefully.

3. You're the perfect height for an armrest!

Yes, you're so right. I just love when you drape your heavy arm on my shoulder. It's great, really.

4. What's the weather like down there?

It's the exact same as the weather "up there."

5. At least you don't have to worry about a guy being taller than you.

I guess that's a plus.

6. Do you have to slide your seat all the way up when you drive so you can see?

Obviously. Since I am only 4'11, my legs aren't very long and it's difficult to see over the steering wheel.

7. What grade are you in?

I'm in college. Stop asking me if I'm a freshman in high school. Thank you.

8. Would you like a kid's menu?

Okay, look. I know I'm small and could pass for a high school student, but do I really look so young that I need a kid's menu? Seriously?9. Why do you walk so slow?

MY LEGS ARE SHORT. I can't take three steps and be across the room like the rest of you giants can. Give me a break and wait on me.

10. Do you ever wonder what it's like to be the size of a normal person?

Nope. Never. Short is perfect.