10 Things I Said I Would Never Do, But Did
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Student Life

10 Things I Said I Would Never Do, But Did

No regrets though!

10 Things I Said I Would Never Do, But Did
Jelly Wong

1. I said I would NEVER gain weight in college. I always heard of the “freshmen 15”, but I thought I would eat as healthy as I can and work out a few times a week. What I didn’t know was how hard college was and how time consuming it could be. I couldn’t have a social life, good grades, and a healthy body all at the same time. I obviously chose the grades and the social life. Instead of the “freshman 15” for me, it was more of like the “freshmen 20+” I wish I was kidding :)

2. I said I would never think of changing my major. I had a huge passion for my major, but when you start taking other classes and talk to other people you learn new things, hear different opinions, and new majors you didn’t even know existed! Changing your major is totally normal and happens to a lot of students. If you’re one of the rare ones who didn’t change it once, congrats!

3. I said I would never drink again after throwing up for 3 hours straight one night. I feel like we always say “ I am never drinking again” after the alcohol doesn’t agree with us (although alcohol always sneaks back into your life), or we had a bad night. Yet, here I am on another glass of wine.

4. I said I would never ever ever forgive the guy who completely broke my heart, but I did. Forgiveness isn’t weakness. It takes a huge amount of strength to forgive someone who did you wrong. It takes an even bigger amount of strength to forgive someone who completely broke your heart. It took every ounce of strength in me to forgive him. It helps you move on, it helps you get your smile back after losing it, and ultimately makes you happy again. I never thought I would forgive him, but I did and I am glad I was able to overcome that obstacle.

5. I said I would never procrastinate in college, but I did it well as if it was an Olympic sport. I was the Michael Phelps of procrastination. I did it all the time, and I would hate myself right after.

6. I got back together with someone I said I never would. I mentioned forgiveness earlier, but that isn’t exactly the same as this. You can forgive someone who didn’t deserve you and did you wrong, but not realizing your worth is totally not okay. Realizing your worth is extremely important for everyone to know. Know you deserve the best there is, and you should never settle for less. Someone who loves you won’t hurt you. Like the lyrics in Runway June’s song Lipstick “If you’re gonna love somebody, yeah you better love somebody who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara.” (Highly recommend to listen to that song, it is a huge confidence booster)

7. I never thought I would be in college for more than 4 years, yet I am heading towards that. Unfortunately, the plan you have for yourself before you start college may not be the same as your plan when you’re 2-3 years in your college undergrad. Things happen and things change. There is really nothing that you can do to change what God has in store for you or what he has planned for you. You could go in thinking you want to save lives, yet you change to wanting to start your own business. If owning a business is what God wants you to do, then that is what’s going to happen. You will find that you’ll enjoy what he has planned more than what you had planned for yourself. It is okay to be in school longer than you wanted. (Please send prayers to my mom and her wallet.)

8. I said I would never fall in love at college. Like are you kidding me? Nope. I planned to have fun and focus on school. The being single plan didn’t work out. I fell head over heels for someone in college. Don’t get me wrong, I had tons of fun during my relationship, but it wasn’t what I had initially planned. Like I said, things happen and you don’t have total control over it sometimes. The heart wants what the heart wants. Some people marry their college sweet heart, some learn a new part of themselves while with a new partner, and others learn a valuable lesson.

9. I never thought I would choose the “bad boy” over the “nice guy”. I always got upset when I saw people choose the one over the other, but it happens people. It happened to me even though I fought with myself about it time and time again.

10. I said I would never worry about what others think, but I do. Unfortunately, I care what others think of me sometimes. I try to let it go and not think about it, but it does get the best of me at times. Just remember to be yourself. Life is too short to think about other’s negative opinions. Live life to the fullest (sorry for the amount of clichés on that one).

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