10 Things People Apologize For
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10 Things People Apologize For

"An apology for the devil: it must be remembered that we have heard one side of the case. God has written all the books." ~ Samuel Butler

10 Things People Apologize For
Barry Shrum

I apologize for everything. Its horrible at times. I'm a very apologetic person at heart. I say sorry when there's nothing to be sorry about or when there's no need to be sorry. Some people think it's irritating and I find it somewhat irritating at times because I get so caught up in things and just say sorry without realizing it.

But heres a list of things to never say sorry about:

1. Never say sorry for loving someone, at one point you were everything they need.

2. Never apologize for saying no. The ability to say no is a sign of a good leader.

3. Never say sorry for wanting alone time. We all need it, they should understand.

4. Never say sorry for ending a toxic relationship. Be with people who make you happy!

5. Never apologize for not being perfect. Absolutely no one is perfect!

6. Never apologize for speaking your mind. You have great ideas! Speak Up!

7. Never apologize for getting yourself something and not someone else. It's good to get something new!

8. Never apologize for someone else's doing. It doesn't matter if they hurt you, don't apologize for it!

9. Never apologize for true honesty. It's always good to tell the truth.

10. Lastly, don't apologize for being YOU!

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