December birthdays are seriously the worst. It is so hard to plan anything for your birthday around holiday shopping and festivities. Here are a few things only December babies will understand.

1. You never get a birthday present... only a Christmas present.

2. People very rarely remember when your birthday is.

3. If you do get a birthday gift, it is your birthday and Christmas gift together.

4. And the birthday presents you do get are wrapped in Christmas paper.

5. You only get presents one time a year because your birthday & Christmas come at the same time.

6. You can never find a weekend where all of your friends can celebrate with you.

7. If you do find a time to all hangout, you always do something holiday themed.

8. Everyone tells you that December birthdays "suck."

9. Everyone figures that you hate Christmas because of your birthday.

10. Annnnd, your birthday will forever be looked over by another December baby... the most important December baby of all.