When you love makeup, you really love it. Those who don't love makeup can't really understand why those of us who do are so crazy about it, but for those of us who are avid makeup lovers, here are ten things we know to be true.

1. When you step into Sephora and realize it's the most beautiful place you've ever seen.

2. When you find the perfect lip shade and it's the best thing... like ever.

3. When your favorite primer is out of stock.

4. Waiting for that new eyeshadow palette to drop.

5. When you go to click on an item and it says "Check back soon for restock dates."

6. When you finally find the perfect foundation with great coverage AND it matches your skin tone.

7. When you perfect that winged eyeliner and feel ready to take over the world.

8. When there's actually a decent sale on all the brands you love.

9. When you get caught up in a YouTube tutorial and realize you may have gone slightly overboard.

10. When people constantly tell you that you spend too much money on makeup, but you know they're secretly wishing they looked this good.

It's not just an obsession, it's a lifestyle. Shout-out to all my fellow makeup lovers; keep on keeping the world on fleek.