Junior year.... the words make everybody cringe. Kids who haven't yet lived through it cringe in anticipation, people who have survived it cringe in remembrance. And all of the juniors just cringe because it's hard, and there's always something else to do. But take solace, my fellow juniors, in the fact that you're not alone. We are all in this together.

1. So much to do...

Homework? Always. Extracurricular clubs? They need you. So does your sports team. And your friends are having yet ANOTHER bout of drama that you're the ONLY mediator for. Your boss needs you to pick up another shift, yes right now, and that cute guy from math finallyyyyy asked you to a movie Friday night. Don't forget SAT class! And your family hasn't even seen you since August.

2. ...so little sleep to do it on.

When somebody gets more than six hours in a night, it's a celebration. Coffee's on me.

3. Everybody wants to know where you're thinking of applying.

"I really appreciate your interest, but I have a whole year left, and, at the rate that this year is going, I'm not sure I'm going to make it. Let's not jinx it."

4. "Hanging out" has a whole new meaning.

Thank you to whoever invented the study group! Panera and Starbucks have become more than just restaurants - they're spaces to occupy for hours on end with all of your classmates. At least Friday and Saturday nights are free to actually have some fun.

5. "Is it the ACT or the SAT this weekend?"

Somebody is always freaking out about some standardized test... understandable, considering the amount of time that has been dumped into studying for them. Which one is this weekend? And, the more important question, are you signed up for it?

6. Every day is a struggle.

You know you're beat when you have senioritis as a junior.... is it worth it to skip today? How sick am I REALLY?

7. You're definitely getting older...

I mean, how great is driving? You get to pick where you go... when you go there... who goes with you. And your parents mean well, but it's cool that they're finally giving you a bit more slack. Okay, responsibility, but you get to do so many more things that it's WAY worth it.

8. ...but you're also still a kid...

Shoutout to my parents for vacuuming my room for me and for occasionally helping out with the laundry. Also, my mom still packs me my lunch. #collegeready

9. ...but it's still scary just how old you really are.

Really? College? In a year and a half??? Being a legal adult soon?????????? Living on your own very soon???? With all of those choices????????????????????!!!!

10. But more than anything, you're trying

It will all be okay!! It will definitely end, and it will all be worth it, and just remember: your grades do not define you!!!