There is a certain magic that comes with knowing God.

There's also an overwhelming joyous feeling knowing that church is not the only place that you can worship and admire the beauty of God.

God's beauty is all around us from the air we breathe to sun in the sky...

The beauty God created is not only in nature, but in and through people too...

Like through the hands of a surgeon whose work is to save lives.

Or through the little old lady at the farmers market selling produce grown from her own garden.

Or maybe in the man who prays every day for a woman who knows God just as well as he does.

Even through the small child who believes God can do anything.

There will be people who say that God can ONLY be appreciated and worshiped from the pews of a church, but that statement is simply NOT true.

Beauty God created can be seen in every flower, tree, stream, and person that exist on this planet.

For generations humans have admired God's work through nature, art, music, writings, volunteer work, hospitals, and even in their own living rooms.

Knowing God and opening your eyes to the beautiful world he has created can be done through ANY aspect of your life, not just sitting on a church pew.

Loving and admiring God is not about where you do it, but with how much passion you do it with.