I love writing; whether it is an essay, creative piece, or ranting about my day, I can always turn towards writing to clear my head. Since I've come to college, it's harder to carve out time in my day to write. I decided to write for the Odyssey for this reason but I have learned I let my writer's block and procrastination get in the way of me finishing my articles. Throughout the week, I think of so many different things I could write about but whenever I try to sit down, I get writer's block. So, instead of working on the piles of homework I have or writing, I procrastinate like most other college students. Here is my list of ways I procrastinate and do everything except write my Odyssey articles.

1. Eat

2. Clean my room/reorganize

3. Go for a run

4. Make Spotify playlists

5. Sleep

6. Online shop (with the money I shouldn't be spending)

7. Take ludicrous Buzzfeed Quizzes

8. Read Spoon University Articles

9. Attempt to organize the hundreds of school emails I have in my inbox10. Watch Degrassi with my friends