10 Things Everyone With A Big Family Knows To Be True

Recently, my mother got married. I'm very happy for her, but with this new marriage came moving into a new house with her husband and his kids. The thing is, I already had three siblings. Combine that with the two more and I now live in a house with 8 people. So to celebrate my newfound family, here are 10 things everyone in a big family knows to be true.

1. "What is silence?"

There's never a moment when I don't hear someone running, screaming, talking, eating, showering, jumping, playing music, or even just sleeping.

2. "Also, what is privacy?"

Locking the bathroom door is a must. You never know who might accidentally walk in.

3. "Who are all these people?"

Eight people means 8 sets of friends that can show up at your house at any time. Half the time there are people in my house who I've never seen before in my life.

4. If you don't get to dinner early, everyone else has already eaten the food.

Late for dinner? You don't get dinner.

5. Parking in the driveway in awful.

Friend's cars, family's cars... if I work late, I'm usually parking on the other side of the street and walk.

6. Everyone has hand-me-downs.

My little siblings are wearing clothes that I wore years ago.

7. Taking family pictures are impossible.

There's always someone making faces, blinking, or looking around in every shot.

8. Piling everyone in the car every time you want to go somewhere.

Usually, we're sitting on the floor or someone else's lap.

9. The older siblings are like second parents to the younger ones.

I call my baby siblings my kids all the time.

10. You're glad you always have someone with you.

Your family is big and annoying, but in good times and bad you always have each other to depend on.

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