10 Things Every New Jerseyan Will Miss While At College

10 Things Every New Jerseyan Will Miss While At College

You don't realize how spoiled you are here until you go off to college


Let's face it, Jersey is probably the best place to grow up in. There are so many great things that you take for granted and you don't realize it until you're a hundred or a thousand miles away. College is freaking awesome but there are times where you wish you were home. This list will make you feel spoiled next time you come home for a weekend or for a break!

1.Pizza & Bagels

I cannot even begin to explain how hard it is to find a decent bagel place at college, let alone pizza. We grew up in a state known for these two food staples and now we're stuck ordering Dominos or Papa Johns for some decent pizza *sighs*

2. Italian Food

This is something that is truly irreplaceable in any other state (with an exception of NY). Going to an italian place is always skeptical because you know it won't be as good as it is back home. Whether you're Italian or not, it's in your roots and blood if you grew up in Jersey eating the best Italian food.

3. Beaches

We have some of the BEST beaches on the east coast. From Long Beach Island (a fan favorite) to Belmar, Seven Presidents, and Seaside all the beaches are unique but have the same "Jersey Shore" feel (and we're not talking about the show!).

4. Malls

The malls in Jersey are huge and have all your favorite stores. Going off to college and seeing what the malls were like was a little scary. Online shopping has become my new best friend and I will forever be missing the malls back home.

5. Gas Attendants

Believe it or not I am missing those guys more than ever. Half the time I pump gas I look like a dumbass. Those guys were out there in the rain, the cold the heat. All I can say is that not all heros wear capes.

6. Great Adventure

If you're even lucky enough to have an amusement park near you you know it doesn't even compare to Six Flags. Summer days/nights were spent there continuously and even a week or two during fright fest.

7. Local "Mom & Pop" Stores

New Jersey is filled with local, small family owned businesses where you're on a first name basis with everyone. Whether it was a small little restaurant or a small store, that place has stuck with you and it's something you didn't even realize you'd miss.

8. The Seasons

One of the best parts about Jersey is that you get to experience every season. Having the change of seasons definitely gives each time of year a special "feel". For example, Christmas, as we know it, is always cold and snowy. You don't really see all that down in Florida.

9. Pork roll, egg, and cheese

The iconic trio that we all know and love. You'll never get pork roll the same anywhere else, or even that great of a breakfast sandwich.

10. Concerts

Us college kids absolutely love concerts, and in Jersey we had a lot of venues and a lot of great concerts. Summers at PNC are something that we're lucky to go back to but here at college it takes a while to find a good show and then travel a few hours to see it.

No matter where I go, I'll always love and miss Jersey and I'll be #JerseyStrong

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