10 Things Every College Student Will Miss While Home For The Summer

It’s no secret that the semester is coming to an end and summer is quickly approaching. While most people couldn’t be happier that it is finally summertime, college students everywhere will be missing their usual way of life for four long months. Here are 10 things every college student will miss while they are home for the summer.

1. Partying

It’s no easy feat to survive from May to the end of August without having a little fun with all of your friends each week.

2. No parental supervision

Need I say more?

3. Your dorm room

It has basically become your second home. You’ve laughed, cried, had spontaneous dance parties and have done everything in-between in your dorm room, and you know it’s going to be weird not living there anymore. It’s crazy to think someone else will be moving in next year and will make it their own little home.

4. The ease of simply walking down the hall to see your best friends

Now that you’re no longer living on campus, you can’t just run down the hall to see your friends at any time you please.

5. Late night pizza

Whether you prefer Sorrento’s or Antoon’s, we all know that there’s nothing better than a slice of pizza at 3 A.M.

6. The ease of everything being just a short walk away

In college, everything is at your fingertips – food, shopping, museums, you name it. At home, the nearest Chipotle is a 10-minute drive at the very least.

7. Going to sporting events

Because who doesn’t love cheering on their favorite teams while decked out in school colors?

8. All the fun, random events that take place on campus

Everything from free food and concerts, to frat parties and the school-sponsored events that are designed to prevent us from going there.

9. Classes

Sure, they’re a ton of work and you may or may not have a clue as to what is going on in them, but classes keep you busy. Remember this when you are two weeks into summer vacation and you’re bored out of your mind.

10. Literally everything

They say that our college years will be some of the best of our lives. There are an endless number of things to do, people to meet and subjects to learn. Summer is always a great time, but you know you’ll miss college life while you’re away.

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