There are plenty of things to do in Chicago. I mean, it's Chicago, for goodness' sake! I thought it would be cool to draw up a list of things you must do in Chicago at some point in time, so why not this weekend? Here they are!

1. Go to a festival.

Let's just say, the only festival we have here is not just Lollapalooza. Go online, there are literally festivals all the time -- you just have to look for them!

2. Go to the Skydeck.

Yes. Be a tourist for a day. If you're up for the exhilarating feeling of falling off of the Sears (yes, Sears) tower, then this is the place for you. Disclaimer: not recommended for toddlers, children, tweens/pre-teens, teens, young adults, adults, or seniors who are afraid of heights.

3. Visit Navy Pier.

OK, this one might be a little more "touristy" than the Skydeck, but hey, the candied nuts are to die forrrrr. *drooling* And, there are even festivals and concerts that take place here, perfect to explore the pier at a different time of day, aside from the touristy times.

4. RIde the Ferris wheel.

It's new, it's new! Dare we say, better than ever? You decide.

5. Go on a Wendella boat tour.

OK, I had to go on one of these for my History of Chicago class, and it is the coolest thing I have ever been on, seriously. Highly recommended on a warm, 70-degree day. Who knows? In Chicago, that could be in December.

6. Go on a Segway tour.

I never realized how much fun a Segway could be until I rode one around the city. This is one of the fastest modes of transportation that you don't have to park. But remember the sunscreen -- those tan lines can get crazy!

7. Rent a Divvy bike.

Divvy Bikes is one of the coolest ideas the city has ever had. You just purchase a membership or a 24-hour pass and voila -- grab, go, and return it to a different station near your final destination. Brilliant, Chicago, just brilliant.

8. Take a picture with the skyline.

The best place to take a picture with the skyline is the green area by the steps of the Adler Planetarium. At night is prime because everything is all lit up. Another close second picture-taking location would be out on Navy Pier. Not as full of a skyline, but still amazing.

9. Hang out at Millennium Park.

There is literally so much you can do at Millennium Park, it can be its own separate article. From movie nights, to jazz, to yoga, to the Bean, this place is sure to keep you busy for hours on end. Movie nights and yoga in the park happen all throughout the summer -- rain or shine.

10. Watch a fireworks display.

Every Wednesday and Saturday from May 28 to Sept. 3, 2016, Aon hosts its fireworks show. It's free and you can see it from almost anywhere you can see the lake/Navy Pier. It's amazing and totally worth it!

Enjoy Chicago!