1. They were not only husband and wife, they were companions

Companionship and marriage are two words that if merged together, exhibit a healthy relationship between two people. What we see in Carl and Ellie’s marriage at the very beginning is the very image of companionship as they work together to refurbish their new home. It’s a perfect image of teamwork.


2. It doesn't matter who had the higher paying job

Considering their roles in employment, we all can assume Ellie had the higher paying salary, which is very bold considering the societal constructs of their generation. Regardless of that, what stands out in this is despite the differences in employment, they didn’t look at each other any differently, and showed no resentment because they were on the same team.

3. How to make the best out of mistakes

This shows the heart of what they have for each other, especially Ellie’s. Sure it was just a handprint on a mailbox and not what we would call a larger mistake, but even in the small things the immediate reaction from Ellie to put her own handprint on it too not only showed her creativity to make the best out of a mistake, it shows she is forgiving

4. Respected each others' dreams

We can all agree that the image of Carl and Ellie holding hands and staring up at the clouds reflects their love for each other and the sweet romance they still hold for each other. What truly stands out in addition to this is the trust they have for each other to share their dreams

5. Encouraged each others' dreams

When Ellie’s own dream was crushed we see a beautiful picture of Carl’s love for her through his encouragement. Reminding her of the dream she shared with him when they were children, which also reveals how much he knows her and what she holds dear.

6. Made (new) plans together

In this image it is beautiful to see they make new plans for the future. Even though one dream failed, it doesn’t limit them to following another. With continued effort and working together, they took the steps to plan for their adventure.

7. Kept optimistic when challenges hindered their plans

Not only did this show a realistic view of life in general, despite the fact they may be farther away from achieving their dream to adventure, they kept a good attitude about it.

8. Enjoyed each others' company

Ellie and Carl showed us is that married life doesn’t have to bounce all over the place and be continuously active. Even then in that down time, we see the simple appreciation of enjoying each others’ company.

9. You're never too old to be romantic

We see throughout their marriage a close friendship, they have fun, they work as a team, but here reveals the romantic love that still lives inside them. Ellie and Carl show us that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still be romantic.

10. They were happy together

Even thought they never got to experience the dream of adventuring the world together, we see they were still happy. It took Carl his own adventure for him to realize it, but in the end, Ellie shows us the greatest adventure was her married life with her husband.