If you grew up in the small area that makes up Benton Community, there's just a few things you probably understand a little bit more than others do. Things do change, but there is a lot that stays the same that almost everybody from the area definitely understands and remembers.

1. The Fight Song

We Bobcat fans are proud to cheer our athletes on to fame! Chances are you know the lyrics, know some of the parts the band plays, and can probably execute the dance that the cheerleaders perform perfectly.

2. Fog Delays

Fog delays are a pretty common thing- you have AT LEAST two every year, and sometimes you have one on the first day of school.

3. Athletics and Fine Arts

Most students are involved in one or the other, and many are involved in both. At Benton Community, it is widely accepted to take part in both athletics and fine arts- and the coaches and directors love it.

4. Friday Night Lights

Going along with athletics and fine arts are Friday Night Lights football games. Not only do you sit in the stands and scream loud for the football team, but you remain on your feet and cheer on the marching band during halftime as well.

5. The Trains

If you're from Blairstown, Norway or Watkins you almost always have to worry about running into a train on your way to school, and hoping that if you do get stuck you won't be late.

6. Drive Your Tractor To School Day

Yes, "Drive Your Tractor to School Day" is a thing. And you really have to plan for it if you don't drive a tractor, otherwise you will probably be stuck behind multiple on your commute to school.

7. Your Parents Had Some of the Same Teachers

Mr. Conrad? If your parents also went to Benton Community, they probably had some of the same teachers you did in high school.

8. Driving 40+ Minutes to a Friend's House

From Atkins to Elberon can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes- and you still go to the same school every day, right in the middle.

9. Touch of Class

If you haven't attended a single Touch of Class, you were purposely avoiding it. The school's annual show choir competition is one of the highlights of the year, and what many people recognize Benton Community for.

10. You'll Forever Be a Bobcat

You have so much pride for your school, even if there were many days where you hated it and dreaded going (because it's school, and it was natural to not always enjoy it). You will always look back on your time at Benton and think about all of the great memories and the friends you made along the way, and forever be true to the Benton blue and gold!