Unfortunately, there are many things that us girls do that may or may not be totally embarrassing, more than what we're willing to admit. Here is a short list of 10 things that all girls are guilty of at some point or another:

1. Eating ice cream by the pint.

mean girls fat ass GIF

2. Saying "I don't care" when you really do.

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3. Telling your friends you're on your way when you're still finishing up your makeup.

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4. Going on a diet, but cheating five times a day.

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5. Instagram stalking your boyfriend's ex of three years now.

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6. Crying for absolutely no reason.

mean girls i just have a lot of feelings GIF

7. Starting to think about Christmas ideas in July.

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8. Having your own dance routine to every song.

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9. Not wearing that article of clothing you look ten times fatter in it at school than you did at home.

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10. Obsessing over Mean Girls.

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Ladies, I hope you feel a little better now knowing you're not the only one!