10 Things All Ex-Swimmers Know
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10 Things All Ex-Swimmers Know

Swim changed our lives for better or for worse.

10 Things All Ex-Swimmers Know

1. Swimming forever ruins all other types of exercise.

Running? Yeah, no. I'd like to exercise without getting sweaty please.

2. Post-practice hanger is a very real thing.

All I want to do is eat everything in sight and sleep. If you get in my way, there will be trouble.

3. Never trust the phrase "This will be fun!"

If someone says this, you're immediately stricken with fear because these words were usually followed by lots of pain. So. Much. Pain.

4. You can no longer use normal, cheap goggles.

Unfortunately, you've been spoiled by racing goggles, and your face has molded to this type and this type only.

5. Your mental toughness.

Swimming trained you to never give up. Failure has never been an option for you, and this will serve you well the rest of your life.

6. Chlorine smells like home.

No matter how long you've been retired, the smell of chlorine will always remind you of your swim family and endless memories together.

7. You are capable of napping anywhere.

After years of napping on the pool deck, you can nap anywhere, anytime.

8. Your time management skills are impeccable.

After juggling swim practices, school work, other extracurriculars, and possibly a job, you know how to balance your time.

9. "Swimming for fun"

Is this a real thing? If we're just going to talk, can we just do it on land? Oh, we're going to play water polo? What do you mean I'm playing too aggressively? Do normal people not hold each other underwater to get the ball? I'm sorry, pool parties are forever ruined. To us, if we're in the pool, we should be doing a set.

10. Your teammates will always be your family.

Swim team is your second family. They're the people you sing in the locker room showers with, laugh so hard that you almost choke between sets with, the people who make freezing, Saturday morning bus rides worth it. Swim team bonds are made with blood, sweat, and tears, and there's nothing quite like it.

To my team,

Love y'all forever, and I'll always cherish our time we had together. Thank you for 3 years of being undefeated, and some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

"Start over on the top." "Where's Regan?" "Fight the fuzzies." "Bruno, why are you letting a broken person swim ahead of you?" "On the top *talks past the top* ok on the bottom" "I'm not mad, I'm frustrated" "Don't take a life, don't make a life"

"Everything is awesome when you're part of THIS team"

Love, Mama Regan

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