Transitioning from high school to college can be tough, especially if you are leaving your parents or guardians and moving away to a new place. It might not be far, but you'll still miss your bed, your family and friends and sleeping in. Delhi is a community full of activities, little stores and many different ways to enjoy your time at SUNY Delhi.

1. Go to the gym.

Going to the gym can be beneficial not only to your mental state, but your physical state as well. It gives you a break from all the new rules, people and homework. It lets you get your stress and anxiety out along with making you feel good after the work out.

2. Attend an RA's event.

Every so often the RA's from your dorm hall will have an event, either to help you gain more knowledge about the campus, study tips, or just to get your stress out and to meet new people. These are free due to the social fee you were charged when you first applied to Delhi. These will help you get out of your room, meet new people and also give you tips on how to stay track of your grades and study.

3. Join a club.

At the beginning of the semester there will be a fair where all the clubs around campus try and recruit new members. During the week they'll have meetings and this will get you out of your room and meet new people as well. There are tons of clubs for any type of person and for any type of personality.

4. Explore the town.

During the day or even at night there are tons of little restaurants to eat at. Pizza is one of the top favorites. Granted it would only take about twenty minutes to walk there and back but it's better than sitting in your room doing nothing. Walking helps you maintain a healthy life and can be done with your friends.

5. Go to Socials.

Throughout the school year Student Activities will put on events that are free to attend. They have weekly movies in Okun Theater, dance and yoga classes, work out classes and outdoor events. All the SA staff are very friendly and will help you find something to occupy your time. They will also give you a calendar in your dorm room when you first move in to let you know when things are happening.

6. Do an Intramural program.

Instead of trying out for an official sports team for Delhi, you can join an intramural program. With these programs, you'll need to sign up by a certain date and play the game. Usually you'll have to play with both genders but this will give you a chance to get you more active.

7. Join the Greek Community.

The Greek Life at Delhi is probably one of the best. Although everyone has different letters, everyone comes together to help the community wither it be for Relay for Life or Community Service Day. It will be a forever family and it'll be a lot of hard work but it will also be a lot of fun.

8. Go to the Library.

The Library is used for many things. There are free tutors to help you with classes, different rooms to fit your specific major with many resources, books that professors put on reserve and a coffee shop to get a snack and to fuel up for early morning classes or late night studying.

9. Hang out with friends.

Making friends can be really easy if you put yourself out there when you first move on campus, and once that happens, hanging out will be a breeze. You can hang out in your room and watch a movie or go get food in one of the dining halls.

10. Call your parents often.

You may think that your parents don't miss you, but they do. Call them often and tell them you love them. When they text you every single day or ask you how your day went, tell them the truth.