Growing up I was consistently praised for my neat and pleasing handwriting -- both print and cursive. The seemingly impulsive compliments still ring out in college every time I hand in a handwritten assignment, sign my name or take notes during a lecture. While those of us with 'flawless' penmanship can easily dodge the accusation that our writing resembles 'chicken scratch,' it isn't completely perfect on our side of the margins. Here are a few struggles we go through:

1. We don't always see it.

Because we've pretty much been able to write well since being taught in preschool how to properly hold a pencil, we just kind of assume everyone can. Most times I'm shocked by my classmates' handwriting when peer reviewing papers.

2. No, we don't judge you.

With that said, I honestly don't care what your handwriting looks like. As long as I can read it, you're all set! Honestly, there's no elite club you're excluded from because you didn't cross your t's or dot your i's.

3. "Are you kidding? This is my sloppy writing!"

It's nothing short of frustrating when someone comments on how beautiful your writing is right after you've quickly scribbled something down. No, wait! I promise my writing looks better than this!

4. Rewriting the same word 10 times.

Having neat handwriting definitely adds to a person's perfectionist tendencies. I clearly remember the moment when I was in an English final and almost ran out of time because no matter how many times I wrote it, the word 'persuasive' didn't look quite right.

5. Being asked to be your secretary.

Yes, I understand my handwriting is pretty. And yes, I know you have 50 'Thank You' cards to pen by tomorrow. And..? Friends, please don't be that guy.

6. "Are you sure you didn't type that?"

The last bullet goes hand-in-hand with the next question I always receive, usually around the time I write midterm or final review sheets. Trust me, if I could pick a font to write in, then it wouldn't be my handwriting. Times New Roman would be lovely. Courier New, perhaps?

7. "Doesn't that make your hand hurt?"

I don't understand why friends and professors assume that because I write neatly, my hand must constantly be cramping from the effort. Maybe it's because it's not as smooth and loopy as others', but I promise my hand is just fine, thanks.

8. Professors remember you by your handwriting.

I could never write anything anonymously because my handwriting style sticks out like an inked thumb. Once I even went as far to doctor my lettering on a course evaluation. But it looked so messy, I never attempted it again. Now I simply don't write anything I wouldn't want my name attached to.

9. People assume you're an elementary school teacher.

This may be specific to education majors, but I'm always asked if I'll be teaching elementary grades based off of my printing and cursive penmanship.

10. Being picky about your writing utensils.

This may be only me, but since I'm so persnickety about my writing being perfect I must have the correct tools to create the perfect loops and lines. Tip: Papermate is beautiful in black ink.

Everyone has their quirks -- the little things that make a person who they are. My handwriting just happens to be mine!