1. Going through critiques and being asked to change 97% of what you spent DAYS on.

2. People don't understand the difficulty of your major.

How Graphic Designer's look to the outside world.

3. People expect you to work for free.

Hey! Can you design my wedding invites, christmas cards, company t-shirts, new logo?

4. Constantly seeing something so horribly designed that you are forced to offer to redesign it.

5. Find yourself always noticing what normal people don't.

6. You find yourself applying to jobs sort of related to your field.

7. You have color OCD.

8. You're in the class for almost double the amount of time as other majors.

9. No one really knows the difference between file names.

JPEG, PNG, Word? What's the difference?

10. We don't get enough credit for what we do.