10 Strategies To Become Your Best Beautiful Self
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10 Strategies To Become Your Best Beautiful Self

Be body positive

10 Strategies To Become Your Best Beautiful Self
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All of us at one time or another have had a negative thought about our bodies. Women all across the country struggle with a variety of thoughts; from my hips are so wide, my arms are too flabby or my boobs aren’t big enough.

It is with great pride, that I can say, I am finally at a point in my life, where I don’t feel negativity about my body. I am confident. It has taken time, energy, lots of negative thoughts in and out of my mind; but I have arrived there. The funny thing is, I always told myself when I was finally comfortable with my body, and I would treat myself to a pair of Lululemon leggings, the desire for the leggings in gone, and those don’t matter anymore. I realize those will just decrease my checking account and bring me no more satisfaction than I already feel with realizing to love my body.

A 2015, study in Glamour Magazine reported that when 300 women of all sizes were surveyed, on average 13 negative body image thoughts were reported on a daily basis. So after reading this statistics and reflecting on my own thoughts, I have decided to express 10 ways to reverse the negative thoughts on body image, in hopes to inspire those around me and make you second guess your negative thoughts about your body.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to everyone around you. You are the only one who knows your true potential. We are blessed with different body types, skin tones and physical appearance. You are the only one who loves you as much as you. If you don't love your body and embrace it, no one else will.
  2. Energize your body. As much as this is about awareness of thoughts in your mind, it has much to do with your physical well being. Fueling your body with nutrients and exercise is key to reversing the harmful thoughts. Start with small steps, like increase water intake or taking the stairs. Taking a simple healthy step, keeps positive thoughts in your head while improve the body’s physical health.
  3. Dress to impress. Dressing the best for your body type can make all the difference in the world; learn what looks the best on you and style yourself appropriately. If your first thoughts as you are getting dressed in the morning are positive ones, you are bound to keep the negative thought away during the course of the day.
  4. Empower those around you, it’s contagious. People feed off vibes; rather they are negative or positive. Create a strong sense of positivity about your body, others will follow. Become a role model; it will help you become stronger while building up those around you.
  5. Find your favorite part of you. You love how your hips look in those skinny jeans or you love pink lipstick, whatever it may be, find it and love it. Your body is yours to love and show off you the best part of you with a positive mind.
  6. Dispel negative thoughts and words. Become a leader to stop negative discussion about other women around you. Keep the conversation positive. People will notice your actions and follow suit, ultimately changing their body image beliefs for themselves as well.
  7. Get the negativity off of social media. Now more than ever, social media plays a substantial role in today’s social and the way women view other women. Don't turn to social media to express negative thoughts that you didn't want to share face to face. Negativity effects individuals just as much as face to face conversations do.
  8. Be realistic. Understand when you have to work harder or go to the gym an extra day. Not everyday is perfect. It is okay to fail and think negativity, its human nature. Being realistic with yourself is natural and a gradual transition to reverse your negative thoughts on body image.
  9. Create a support group of empowerment. Interact with those who lift you higher. The world doesn't have space for those who continue to discuss the negative aspects of life. Find those in life to lean on and those who want you to be your best you; those are ones who become your biggest supporters and cheerleaders.
  10. Reward yourself. The world is a tough place; negativity is surrounding each of daily. Embrace small accomplishments and reward yourself, share it, post it; be happy about it.
Be your best beautiful self. -Gabriella Hoffman
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