When you go away to school, you meet a lot of different types of people, but there is always that one friend who makes such an impression on you and becomes your best friend. But now that the school year has come to a close, chances are you have to leave your best friend. Sure you have other amazing friends at home, but there is something about that one friend you made when you had nobody else at school. So here are the 10 stages of leaving your college best friend for the summer.

1. Denial

Pretty much the first stage of anything. Denying that anything is going to happen. But it is, and the sooner you accept it, the sooner you and your best friend will be able to move on to the next stage.

2. Crying

Because once you realize that it's actually happening, the only logical thing to do is cry and hug your best friend.

3. Acceptance

When most of the tears have subsided, the next logical thing to do is to just accept that it is happening, and try to find a way to deal with it. This step usually comes after a long night of drinking and crying with your best friend.

4. Making the most of it

With the little time you have left together, you want to try to make the most of it. So you come up with all these things you need to do before you both leave for the summer. So make some memories, and make the most of your time together, just be sure to take lots of pictures so you can look back on it during the summer!

5. Plan the summer

If you live close enough, make plans to see each other for a little bit. Or if you live further away, make a trip out of it. Meet somewhere in the middle, or go stay at the others house for a day or two (or a week). Just find a way to make it happen.

6. Cry again

Because let's face it. You're leaving your best friend for a long time, and it's not ok.

7. Seeing everything packed

There are no words to describe the feeling you get when you see everything in your best friends room all packed or your room for that matter. Chances are you two spent the better part of the last nine months making memories in that room, and now it's all just packed away.

8. Late nights

Chances are you two are already staying up late to study for finals. Which just means you have more time to spend together, and more time to order take-out.

9. Actually saying goodbye

Believe it or not, this isn't even the hardest part. But it's still hard. All the hugging and crying and it's just a mess. But just remember, it's never a goodbye, it's just a see you later.

10. Letting it sink in

Now this won't actually happen till you've been home for a few days and away from your best friend. At first, it'll just feel like you went home for the weekend and you'll see your best friend in a few days, but once it really sinks it sucks. But it'll get a lot better.

Saying goodbye to anyone is hard, but saying goodbye to your best friend is just the worst. It'll be tough at times, but just remember that you'll see them at the end of the summer when you go back to school. They may be hours away physically, but they're only a text, or FaceTime, or Facebook post away.