The 10 Stages Of Finals Week

Whether you've been preparing for weeks or just came to the realization that the semester is coming to a close, it's time to put the finishing touches (or start) those semester long projects and papers. And as if it wasn't bad enough, along with finishing up assignments, you realize your finals are here. Here are ten stages every college student goes through during finals week.

1. When you realize that finals are closely approaching.

2. Trying to collect all your notes to begin studying.

3. Realizing you don't understand any of what's gone on in class.

4. Trying to teach yourself a semesters' worth of material.

5. When your life becomes studying and stress eating.

6. When you decide to just wing it.

7. Looking at the first question on the exam.

8. When you've completed all your finals.

9. Getting your final grades back and seeing how you did.

10. When the semester is finally over and break officially begins.

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