PSA: It’s finals week, just in case you haven’t noticed all of the Parsons students walking around like over-caffeinated zombies (paradox, perhaps it has infected me as well).

Here’s a list of songs to get you through ALL of the stages of finals week.

1. Stage One: Finals, what even is finals?

During this stage you’re confident and fierce like a lion. Finals are WEEKS away, so you’re not worried about deadlines, at all. Song: “We Are Young” – Fun

2. Stage Two: Proposals? We had to have proposals?

Your excitement about the fact that your final projects and papers aren’t due for weeks has faded very, very quickly. The word “proposal” is now floating around in your head, and you’re not quite sure what to even make of it. Why didn’t your friends tell you? Song: “These Hard Times” – Matchbox Twenty

3. Stage Three: A tutorial…You want me to do what?

So you’ve vaguely created something that you think looks like a proposal. Who knows what they’re supposed to look like anyway, right? And now your professor wants you to commit to a paper tutorial, and you’re just like, but… but… I did the proposal. See? I. DID. THE. PROPOSAL. Whatever that means. Song: “Hello” – Adele

4. Stage Four: Okay, sh*t just got real.

The calendar is mocking you, and you’ve had enough. So, let’s get caffeinated and GO. Song: “Work” – Iggy Azalea. Or, if you’re a little edgier – Song: “King for a Day” – Pierce The Veil

5. Stage Five: I completed one thing, so SHOTS!

Finishing one paper is probably the most rewarding experience, so of course, you must go out! Song: “Shots” – LMFAO

6. Stage Six: That was a terrible idea.

Not only do you have a major hangover, but you have to go to class… to talk about the very thing you didn’t finish last night. FML all day. Song: “I Hate My Life” – Theory of a Deadman

7. Stage Seven: I’m not going out until finals are OVER.

You’ve decided within the past 24 hours that you are an adult. You promise yourself that you won’t go out until finals are over. Song: “Pour IT Up” – Rihanna #BecauseYouKnowYouLyin

8. Stage Eight: Half of everything is done. HALF. That is like ALMOST everything.

*Repeats stage five* Song: “Jumpin’, Jumpin’” – Destiny’s Child

9. Stage Nine: Well, that was dumb. But, I’m not even mad.

You may have a hangover right now, but you’re totally okay with it because you’re almost done. And that alone is enough to remedy your pounding headache. Song: “Not Afraid” – Eminem

10. Stage Ten: IT’s OVER.

Do I even need to describe this one? Song: “On Top of the World” – Imagine Dragons